Brokerage marketing collab - who's in? Share your best work! (we will too!)

Hey all - we just welcomed a REALLY awesome new marketing customer (his name is Beau Flavin of Flavin Realty)

We got to talking about his needs and he asked us if we could help them up their game in terms of the quality and consistency of their branding and marketing materials going out (social media, emails, blogs etc) -

Of course, that’s REW all day long!

But then I had a thought - as we reviewed their stuff (and we review the marketing coming out from so many other folks as well). We could do a collaborative project on this and through the power of the REW network help raise the bar for quality across our entire family of clients.

To be honest (speaking of brokerage and team marketing) a lot of it could use a little (or a lot) of help.
And certainly, there are challenges in having internal teams “do marketing” in terms of consistency, honoring/sticking to the brand guidelines and maintaining quality.

So here was my idea - I told Beau (who is hiring us to help him with this anyways), if he’d be willing to let us do this as a collab, then I would ping my top design talent from REW corporate marketing (the epic @AmyPye as well as our design leader @ralfpinheiro and I would also volunteer my own time to help make his investment go even further!

So what would this collab be? (Who knows!) But I have an idea of where to start:

I’d like to start by sharing our best examples of marketing - graphics, social posts etc. The hope is together we will discover even more great ideas for messaging, layouts etc.

In exchange for participating, we’ll go ahead and share the work/templates we’re working on for Flavin (And other Customers as they come on board), so that you can take that and use it for your own projects as well (IP notice, you can use it, but you can’t share it with others, sell it or try to use it to compete against us :wink:

But seriously - so much of what we do is transferrable to other markets. Sure you might need to change colors, logos, fonts whatever, but the underlying concepts as starting points are REALLY -re-suable.

Here are a few examples we worked on this week:

It’s St Patrick’s day! Let’s celebrate! (And brokerage could take this file, swap out the logo in Canva and share it as is for a huge step up in their social graphics)

What does your agent showcase graphic look like? Is it as nice as this one? (Some of you actually do an amazing job at marketing… @staciestaub I’m looking at you! So I would not be surprised if you didn’t have something awesome. But many don’t. So why not borrow ours?

How about a quote of the day? This was something Flavin was doing that was a cool idea, but it need some polish.

Pretty cool right? I think inspirational leaders like @Pozek who have a big following would rock something like this.

Am I making sense with this idea? Together we can do even more!

And we’re not asking you to pay for anything! Participate in the colab part (and get access to our work) no charge!

What’s Beau’s incentive (who is paying for this in terms of custom help for him and his team?) He gets Amy, Me and Ralf, REW’s top leaders in this space at no charge for being awesome and sharing. Plus when others bring ideas and contribute work, he gets to use those without paying for them, so it’s a win / win.

What’s your incentive? Help us with ideas, and requests, and share this program with others, you get use/access to the base templates that you can change up for your use for free!

What’s REW’s incentive:

Lot’s of things: We showcase our work. (More people will see we are the most talented group of designers in all of real estate)

Our clients (like Beau) make their dollars go further by receiving as much in return as they give.

We’ll get paid - some of our clients will love this idea, but won’t want to take the time to swap out the colours, logos, agents etc - so I’m sure some of ya’ll will use your retainers to have us custom create your own, hyper local stuff too!

Anyways - that’s the idea! What do you think? Who wants to share a few of their favorite / most effective marketing pieces with us? We’ll shoot you these (and many more to come) files in return for your own use.

Oh yeah @dmay and @TylerMarrin @livrealestate - how could I forget to ping you folk?

@Jeff and @ReneeFunk didn’t you just do a rebrand?

Let’s start this discussion. Would love to hear your ideas around this :slight_smile:


I just had a thought - we should show how this might look in action :slight_smile:

@AmyPye can you swap out the logo on the St Patricks day for Carly’s Logo (but keep the green)

On the quote of the day, can you use Carly’s red / grey / black etc to show what alternate logo and colour might look like (and swap out the hashtag to vanislewisdom and the quote to something fun

And then on the agent showcase - give someone at REW a shout-out using black and pink! :slight_smile:

Let’s show them what we mean, and how easy it is to make these things your own!

You already know how stoked I am for this.

I am going to hop on those customizations right now. Hold please!

While you do that - we should start making a list of the things we want as templates.

Top of my list (and I think @Carly’s list too) is Canva templates for listings

Something like these:

We should have recommended listings graphics for


Which would come pre-opimized for the size / shapes we need



First up, St. Patty’s Day! This one was the most straightforward. Just a simple logo change and removed the ‘F’ watermark that we had used for Flavin.

Next, the quote. This one had a few more changes but still super simple. Obviously swapped out the background colour and l logo and incorporated the white border that Carly has on her other marketing pieces.

Then, featuring the lovely @JaydaMcLauchlin! Something we had talked about this morning was how the sample I used for Flavin had the agent isolated from the background of the photo (something that takes a bit more time to do), but this shows how a headshot would still work even with a background intact.


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The cool thing is - with our subscription - we can create one template and then, fairly easily, resize it for different use cases.

Love it! 30 mins later we have 3 new graphics based on pre-existing designs/templates. Shows the power/speed/flexibility (and how much can get done in a short amount of time) with the right setup and talent!

Nice one!

Who’s got next?

PS - @AmyPye for doing demos like this, if we were to hook up other customers as examples, what specific files/formats do you need to do your best work / fastest?

Good question.

  • Colour codes (or we can sample and get them super close)

  • Logo Files (png with a transparent background would be awesome. Again, we can work some magic if all you have is a jpg)

  • Preferred fonts (can’t guarantee that Canva will support them, but if not we’ll match it as close as possible)

*ETA if you have a brand guidelines doc that would be the icing on the cake.

Love the simplicity and how the swap of a couple elements can reflect a whole new brand while keeping a concise layout.


Thanks @ralfpinheiro.

There are other tweaks you can make to push it even farther.

For example, a simple resize and rotation of some of the graphic elements:

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I would love to participate!


Well, then you’re in! Can you share some of your marketing materials with us (those your most proud of or that get the best response?) We’d love to know what’s working well for you and why :slight_smile:

Also, please email amy @ (no spaces) your various logos, as well as any brand guidelines you have.

Great to have you!

I will watch for your email @Kristina!

Received your email @Kristina! Will have some examples for you shortly. :slight_smile: