Building a Netflix style video module for Renaissance

Hey all - been working on this one for a bit for REW Academy Rebuild. (Took a break as we revamped our site)

The idea that I first proposed to @Pozek (one of our video superstars) was to create a “Netflix Style” gallery for embedding videos.

I’m good with the UI on the front end, but we need to think through the backend options so it can be as useful as possible.

For example: What video platforms (for embeds) do we need to support? Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo? (we won’t natively host videos as we are not set up as a streaming service)

For the videos themselves. We need to be able to order them in categories. Should we allow a video to belong to multiple categories? (Probably)

We need to be able to call them / pull them.

Ideally, we could create snippets that allowed us to pull all videos in a certain category (or multiple categories, all videos in all categories, specific videos (multiple videos that you can specific by some sort of id maybe?)

Of course we want to be able to show the videos on both the CMS pages and the blogs (needs to good on both).

What else am I missing? This is designed on the front end, but we need to plan out the backend before we can start coding the module etc.

Anything else you think we’re missing here? Comment below :point_down:t2:


Ooooohhh first idea! If we wanted to get really fancy (and be ADA compliant with the videos) we could allow a spot on each video for “Transcript” but we’d then have to decide how to display that. (Note you can already be ADA compliant by just manually posting your transcript below the video)

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@Morgan yes, it would be great to have multiple categories assignment. Just like on the blog we can put an article into different categories as many times the contents applies to more than one topic.

I really like that idea. How about having an “on demand” section. Have people sign in or created an account to view the on demand videos such as webinars. I’m all for making “free” videos and putting out content but just thinking for webinars that we do where typically try to get people to register for.

Great idea Glenn!

This would be a separate feature though (which will make it even more powerful) and that feature is “behind a form” or “behind a paywall”

Then you could make it so any content (video, file upload, web page, whatever) could be behind a paywall.

This would play nicely into the concept of “lead magnets” whereby you can offer something of extreme value to a consumer in exchange for contact information.

Other examples (aside from high value videos)

  • A comprehensive list of all properties sold in the last 10 years over x price
  • A Free CMA (old school but still works as a CTA)
  • A list of all builders scored by quality in the area

What do people want to know (like REALLY want to know?)

Tease them with some data and then get em to register for the rest.

+1 For Glenn’s suggestion @Rebecca but not just for videos, we need to build this out to be more flexible.

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I do think a video should be able to appear in multiple categories.
What about a filtering system? ie. someone wants to watch videos on PPC whether they’re from Morgan Carey or AJ Hazzi or whoever…

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Great idea!

Search by Author, Search By Category (dropdown) Search by name (text field) love this idea!

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Playlists (category) and tags are very helpful. Tags is a must so a video can be in multiple categories/playlists. Support smart playlists by tag, category, or author. When a video is posted with the corresponding tag, etc. it is automatically added to that particular playlist.

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I agree. I really like filtering by Recently Added. This will tell me there is a new video I maybe haven’t watched yet.

I love when YouTube videos have a menu that can tell me at what point I can see what information. Example: minute 1:12 will show you how to…

I think that is a setting in the video platform itself (IE Youtube) so not something can control in Embed, but agreed, it is a cool feature (and one I wish more content creators would use).

This is obviously design related, but a while back Netflix changed their kids user interface to be character focused. I think this was really smart as people connect more easily when they see faces (whether they are people or pandas lol). I wonder if we could do something cool with the speaker’s headshot…

I think I’m picking up what you’re putting down - maybe a custom BG image (would need a new page template for Renaissance) where you could customize and make it your own (including an image of you, or a speaker or whatever) - could be cool.

I do like the idea of having videos that consumers could look at on our site but, of course,I would think they would have to be generic (I guess). Hoping I am not missing the point. Keeping information short, to the point and simple to understand is key to conveying a message. Hopefully it would be interesting & valuable to the consumer. Things like this come to mind. Maybe I am being a little simplistic but that is my thoughts.