Bulk features, refined filter options

@Morgan I used Boomtown, prior to my ecstatic switch to REW. I really enjoyed one feature they offered, and am wondering if REW plans to adopt something similar. First off, I love everything this company offers, through and through. Disclaimer: I’m sure since Im new, I seem rude, and dont mean to be what so ever. I’m posting to see if refined filter options for leads and bulk action options are coming soon? (I.e bulk action: mass assign leads to lender’s, filter: filter based off contact, who has responded, and who hasn’t, who is on a saved search and who is not.) Ultimately giving agents the ability to complete bulk actions off of refined filter options for leads, and give you a saved search option to always refer to.

Hey Daven,

Thanks for your feedback. We love having customers suggest new features and ask questions in the community. Please don’t start threads with @morgan though, it might stop others from replying as well (as they might think a question is just for me) … Rest assured I read every thread that is created here :slight_smile:

Regarding your specific questions, I think some of these things are possible already (might just be an education issue) while others are likely something we’ll need to dig into.

On the lender side - “Assign to lender” is not a thing in REW CRM (that’s not how lenders works), so that one we can put to the side for now.

Filter based on the contact who has replied: I am pretty sure you can do this already as long as you’re using the Gmail integration.

I actually have a smart list for “unreplied emails” in Carly’s CRM, so I do know that’s possible (texts too) < If you have the texting module.

So perhaps you just need to be shown how to enable Gmail integration / order texting for those features.

Filter based on who has saved searches (and who doesn’t)

That’s in the CRM as well :slight_smile:

You can setup smart lists for “less than 1” to show anyone who does not have saved searches or consequently more than 0 for anyone who “does” have saved searches.

I have a lot of love for Boomtown (I have been good friends with Grier for many years) but now that they’ve been sold to IRE, I can definitely see things changing (and lots more Boomtown users coming to REW).

So we’re totally down to hear any other features you loved in that system and why they were of benefit.

We can’t automatically approve all requests (some are too specific, but things that are really great ideas that many of our members chime in on as valuable we can look at adding to our backlog/exploration list).

We won’t build it exactly like BT (we’re not Boomtown so that doesn’t make sense) but hopefully, we can make it even better!

Let’s dig in! (The more detail the better when describing features or making requests) just please don’t post screenshots of their product here as those are private and we want to be “inspired by ideas” we don’t want to copying anyone) :slight_smile:

Thank you for the insight, I appreciate your response!

My pleasure - any other questions you have about the CRM?

PS don’t forget to head over and introduce yourself to the community :slight_smile:

Would be great for other members to know who you are, where you’re from, what you’re working on AND that you’re a great guy to refer business to :wink:

None at the moment, thank you !

Will do!