Campaigns, drips, groups... and timing

Having used other platforms (and still am), I’m calibrating on how REW handles certain similar features. I’ve got the connection of campaign, groups, drips (form letters), but here are a few lingering questions (which I’m also bounding off support):

  • If I have an existing lead and assign them to a group that is connected with a campaign, when does that start going out, and does it start from the beginning of the drip (like they just registered and were assigned to a drip campaign)?

  • Do your drip emails always send at the same time of day (on the designated day they should send)?


#1: You are correct, when you’re added to a group, that is “moment one” as far as a campaign is concerned, and so it will start you off at the very beginning and follow whatever protocol you set.

#2: For campaigns, yes it does (I think it’s around 6 AM PST). Although now that you asked this question, it would make sense to be able to set a preferred time as well. We have that in action plan emails, so it makes sense to work toward feature parity for this. I’ll make that suggestion to @Aayaam and @Rebecca

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 6.44.22 AM

Thanks for your questions, hope that helps.

Thanks for the info, Morgan. Not intending to turn this into feature request, but in tweaking the timing/scheduling… adding minutes & hours to the schedule options is cool too especially on in the early days when texting is also involved and we’re trying to engage the lead on the front end. Another idea just to help on the agent side of things, once the campaign is created and all the scheduled email “windows” are collapsed on the campaign page in admin, there’s no way to see any indicator of the content for each email in the schedule. It may be cool to have it display the subject line - or a custom label we enter - so at a glance it can be seen what each email in the schedule includes without having to open each “window” to check.

Thanks Shaun and @Morgan, I’ve taken this suggestion back to the team.

Follow-up question. If I have a lead in a group and they are “subscribed” to a campaign… what happens if I edit that campaign? Do they inherit the edits (if they’ve not yet reached that point in the schedule), or is their entire schedule of what to receive generated in a queue somewhere at the moment they qualified for that campaign (whether assignment or registration)?

For example, a lead gets assigned to a group named New Leads. That group is attached to a campaign that has… say… 20 emails. They receive the first 5. At that time I edit the campaign at step 6. Maybe I insert a new email at that point (making 21), or maybe I just edit the content of the existing email #6.

How does that affect that lead - what does this lead receive next?

Hi Shaun,

As long as the lead hasn’t received the email you edit, they will get the updated content. If you add another email to the end of the campaign it will be sent in order.

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@Morgan, @Shaun I agree with this suggestion of displaying the campaign email subject line so that you don’t have to open each email to see what the content is. This is a great suggestion!

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