Can you tell the difference between AI and human-written content?

We’re hearing that an increasingly common use for AI-writing tools in real estate is for composing listing descriptions.

They can certainly save time, but how well do AI-generated listing descriptions compare against human-written ones?

Let’s do an experiment!

Below are some alternate versions of a property description including (mostly) the same details. Can you spot which were written by an AI and which were written by a human?

A) Welcome to Glendale, where you will find this stunning 5-bedroom, 2-level home with 2700 sq. ft of living space. This property boasts a landscaped lot with a private yard, separate workshop, and breathtaking views of Ocean Bay. Enjoy the comfort of an updated hot water heating system, two cozy fireplaces, and laminate flooring. The large kitchen with nook is perfect for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The location is ideal, as you are close to schools, shopping, and transit. Come see this gem today and make it your own!

B) This home is a unique raised bungalow located in the desirable neighborhood of Glendale. The property has been well maintained and is ideal for a large family as it includes 5 bedrooms and 2 levels, with 2700 square feet of living space. The updated hot water heating system allows you to enjoy a cozy winter evening with the fireplace in the living room area. The garden level provides lots of storage space, and there is also an outside workshop that can become an additional revenue stream (a great option for those looking to turn their hobby into a business). Enjoy ocean views from this lovely yard, built on a large landscaped lot with privacy hedges. This home is close to schools and transit, so commuting couldn’t be easier!

C) This beautiful family home in the neighborhood of Glendale includes over 2,700 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms over 2 levels. On a landscaped lot overlooking Ocean Bay, this is the perfect home for a growing family. The home features a state-of-the-art hot water heating system, 2 fireplaces and laminate flooring. Watch boats come and go from the spacious kitchen or breakfast nook. The large backyard is private with a large detached workshop. Located close to schools, shopping, and transit.

D) Check out this amazing property in the desirable Glendale neighborhood! Boasting 2700 square feet, with two levels and five bedrooms, you’ll love the landscaped lot with a private yard and separate workshop. From the second floor, you can admire the view of Ocean Bay. The house is updated with hot water heating and offers laminate flooring, plus a large kitchen with a nook. Plus, schools, shopping centers, and transit are within easy reach.

Let us know your guesses and reasons why below! Did anything stand out?

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I’m actually stumped and really curious to hear which is AI and which is human.

Here’s the first clue: Three were written by AI and 1 by a human.

To be fair, I didn’t exactly compare like with like, because I started with the human-written example, extracted the details from it, then used that to make a prompt which I gave to some AI writing tools.

A better test would have been to start with some property details, then give them to both human writers and AI so that all were working from the same footing. Oh well.

Here is the prompt that I gave to the AI writers:
Write a real estate listing for this property: neighborhood is called Glendale, size is 2700 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 2 levels, landscaped lot with private yard and separate workshop, overlooks Ocean Bay, updated hot water heating, 2 fireplaces, laminate flooring, large kitchen with nook, close to schools, shopping, and transit.

That provides some clue to which was written by a human, because only one of the descriptions contains all and only those details.

And that description is: C !

  • A was written by the infamous ChatGPT.

  • B was written by, which really took some liberties, producing a number of answers with made-up information (what people in the AI world call “hallucinations” - no joke). I had to look through a few results to find one that fit. Points for creativity though!

  • D was written by Sudowrite, which is geared more towards creative writing so I had to go with a boring “rephrase” option to get something which stuck to the prompt.

I also wanted to test, but they wanted my credit card details :smile:

So can you use AI to write real estate listings?

Two points to consider:

  1. AI writing tools seem to do well at writing property descriptions. They write believable and competent property descriptions with just enough creativity and flare
  2. AI written property descriptions need to be reviewed because of their tendency to re-interpret or make up new details that aren’t accurate to the original brief

I hope to test some more tools in the future and on different tasks to see what’s out there.

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Based on the content and style of the descriptions, it is difficult to definitively say which ones were written by an AI and which ones were written by a human, as both AI and human-written descriptions can include similar details and features.

However, if we were to guess, we would say that description A and D were more likely to have been written by an AI, while B and C were more likely to have been written by a human. This is because descriptions A and D have a more formulaic and straightforward style that is often associated with AI-generated content, while descriptions B and C have a more creative and personalized tone that is often associated with human-written content. Additionally, descriptions B and C include more unique and specific details that would require more human input and creativity.

It is important to note, however, that these are just guesses and that it can be difficult to determine whether a piece of content was created by AI or by a human without additional information or context. Ultimately, the quality and effectiveness of a property description will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific details included, the tone and style of the writing, and the preferences of the target audience.