CC text notifications -

This one should be pretty easy (I think) - and would really help out our team.

What I’d like is a CC to the SMS Email Address:

Now I don’t know if this is handled differently than a regular email. (Is it?) If it’s not, then really all we need to do is add the ability to have multiple (not just one) CC emails for notification here:

Now if that is handled differently (code wise) it doesn’t change the request: I’d like to be able to add more than one email to CC’s in the notifications (for all elements)

Why? (Use case)

We have an ISA (and maybe more in the future) we want the ISA notified via text AND email (both) when any new leads come in. We also want the assigned agent to have the ability to receive both text and email notifications of leads (and other activities)

@aporter @Rebecca let’s code this on the live Carly Carey site to test it, and then we can look to add to REW roadmap if it works well.

Should be done this feature in 2 days on our test site. Let’s see how it goes