ChatGPT 4 content

So, at this point, I’m getting pretty good at creating content, blog posts, listings descriptions, etc, but not having the traction I was expecting regarding visits or lead generation. I create precise prompts, very detailed, and attach 5-10 images to “help”. Once created I usually reword at least the first sentences as well so it looks more “human”. I also add images and, from time to time, videos, to create valuable content for visitors.

Is there something else you guys are doing that I’m missing? Thanks for the input!

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Cesar, maybe your first big issue is that you’re “Built on Lone Wolf Technologies” and not REW.

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What are the titles to your blogs like? Try using a title that you think people would search for… if you aren’t already.

Well yes, an example could be, “Discover New Building, Area: Catchy title informational about the area”. The area and the building are keywords people search for information about the listing and to buy listings.

lol we do have one REW website, just finishing building it as we speak!