Combining offers and pending into one stage for buy side deals

As we gather feedback and clients review REW Deals, one thing I’m noticing consistently is clients are saying we may be adding too many steps (and many things seem like they are just “part of” a stage as opposed to their own unique stage.

Case in point - Offers vs Pending

Currently offers is where you put the basic details of each offer a buyer makes (but it doesn’t include subjects <<< it needs to include subjects)

Once an offer is accepted, it moves to the “pending” stage where subjects are tracked and removed.

My question is - does it make sense to keep them separated?

Or should we just add subjects to the “offers” tab, flag the eventual accepted offer as accepted, and then review the subjects in that offer?

I’m kind of flip-flopping - would love some clarity/feedback from our Realtors®

Which would you prefer? Keep all your potential offers in one spot, and then move only the accepted offer to the next “stage” (which is called pending) - or just make pending a set of sub tasks within offers?