Coming Soon going Active not showing in Saved Search Emails

As many clearly are aware the market is quite crazy in many areas, limited inventory and really fast moving listings. So Coming Soon is becoming very popular in our market, and I am assuming others? So when saved searches are going clients get the “coming soon” listing when it hits the IDX buy when it goes “live” lets say 7 days later, etc. it should show back up in that search email now that it is “LIVE” But it does not. If you have a MLS platform search going for a client it does perform this way. Can we get the save searches to do this? @Morgan have you had this brought up before?

I feel like it should also get price reductions? Does it?

Yeah we talked about that too. The MLS will send price reductions as well, no the current emails do not. The only send new listings based on the saved search. Price reductions and home from coming soon to active are very important for sure. @Morgan as saved searches and the emails are so important to everyone regardless of platform, anything in the works on these?

Not in this sprint no. The challenge (engineering wise) with messing with search (including saved search) is it isn’t a single codebase (every feed is different and there are hundreds of them, each with different data (and different rules) around coming soon, show reduction / yes / n etc.

Best thing to do is speak to your AM about feed specific options that might be available to you.

Yeah I was worried it might not be the same for all MLS’s / IDX Feeds. Just makes it tough, you want to send all traffic to the site but the MLS save search has so many more features for the clients on listing alerts.