Commercial Real Estate Search Options?

For folks who do both residential & commercial, how are you handling commercial search?

Commercial, at least in our market, is better represented on costar/loopnet vs the MLS. Even when commercial agents do use the MLS, the property details comes out unhelpful as it will keep residential fields like bed/bath/pool/etc. But since majority of commerical agents not using MLS as well, customizing our feed to represent commercial properties better still doesn’t solve the listings not making it into the feed,

There is a tool called looplink that can pull in all our commerical listings as seen on loopnet, but with 0 customization and is just an iframe. I could be wrong but do not think it lets them do a full search for any commercial opportunity, just our listings. This is a reasonable stop gap but not ideal.

Plenty of softwares out there for making marketing collateral for CRE, but not really anything in way of syndication like IDX that I’ve seen. Anyone have experience in this and can point me in right direction?


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The problem is one of the data - Loopnet / Costar will not provide a “feed” so getting any data in there (which is the first step) is the real problem.

As for conditional fields in the IDX - it’s something that hasn’t been focused on in the core product since as you say, most feeds don’t have much in the way of commercial and 95% of customers don’t focus on it. Still worth exploring @Aayaam @Rebecca we should discuss this for the new RESO / MLS backup project (would be a good time to consider “conditional search based on type/sub type” and "conditional details pages on type/sub type.