Copywriter with Real Estate Background

Hello, everyone! I’m in need of a copywriter with a RE background to write web and blog content for several real estate brands in the DFW/North Texas market. Topics will cover everything from distressed investment strategies to your typical buyer/seller/market related content.

Does anyone know of anyone who would be good for this on a contract basis? Where have others had luck finding copywriters for similar projects? Thanks in advance!

REW provides professional copywriters (who are also trained SEO’s) that can take on projects like this. It is a premium service, but awesome for long term traffic.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, best to go local and train them up. I find universities are a great place to find “writers” (though they won’t be trained in real estate or SEO) but you can usually get $30-$40 an hour if you want to train and manage them yourself.

why don’t you check fiverr and upwork? there are very talented 3rd world citizens who are willing to deliver fast and quality work with a very low budget. it is sad but we have to think about our pockets as well…