Creating a landing page for a new listing

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I have a new listing going live tomorrow. How can I create a landing page for this listing? Something that is temporary and preferably has a link on my top footer. I’d like to drive people to my site and keep them there :slightly_smiling_face:


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Are you looking for something “other” than the listing details page?

You could create a page, or better yet a blog post about it. But if is to contain all the listings info, I would just link to the details page directly.

Example 1611 Dwight Street, Redlands Property Listing: MLS® #IV23062935

Also I note that your Google maps for search are not setup correctly (I think you need to add your Google API key)

Might want to speak to support about getting that addressed right away.

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Hi @davidodson,
it looks like you just need to connect the maps project in your Google Cloud Console with your Billing account (or the credit card you have on file in the Console has expired). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here in Support if you need any further assistance with this!

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@hannawolff can you walk me through it :grimacing:

@davidodson for sure! I’ll email you so we can set up a call where you can screen-share the Google console with me.

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I’m interested what you decided to go with for the original question in the post. Did you just use the listing details page like Morgan suggested?

We actually create a landing page for our featured listings, but it’s a fair amount of work for our designers, so I am curious what you ended up doing/what others’ thoughts are on this topic.

Looking at that page, almost everything in there could be automated if you didn’t want to have to put in the work every time. It’s just a different “skin”.

In Renaissance, there is already a query parameter built in ?spw that allows us to conditionally effect the layout of the details page.

Default behavior is to just remove the header and footer, but a template (different than details page) could be setup in order to give you a more unique look and feel.

Thing is though - most single property websites (my personal opinion) don’t look / feel superior to the out of the box details pages anyways, so I’ve never felt the need to build one separately for my listings

@Aayaam this could actually be an interesting way to test my idea around customized CSS files (accessible by customers)

Allow them the ability to “edit/modify” a base single property website template (give it it’s own CSS stylesheet and style guide) - get some feedback on whether customers could manage effectively or not.

Phase 1 would be 1 universal sheet / style guide (not 1 per SPW) but I can envision this being a popular feature.

@Rebecca add to the list please :slight_smile:


This may be controversial, but we’ve moved away from single property websites and listing landing pages. We consider the IDX listing on our website as the listing landing page.

We don’t see much extra value for the seller in single sites. The property site/landing page may be exclusive to that listing with no other distractions, but buyers already see the listing all over the internet at Zillow, Realtor, competing brokerages, and our own website, right next to all the other listings in the market.

If we drive traffic to a listing it might as well be to the IDX listing on our website. Where users can click over to other pages, see our pitches for buying and selling, blog, content, etc.

We haven’t seen any pushback from sellers or our agents so far. Disclosure, I handle all the listing so it’s less work for me! :sunglasses:

I’m actually with you “sort of” - I do like the “enhance a listing” (but keep the IDX details page URL etc) if I want to add extra photos (higher res than the MLS allows, or a video etc).

But I agree, you already have a page (and it looks great and has all the data) why create another one?

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We like the enhanced listings and use it when our agents have extra marketing goodies!

That’s great to hear! Enhanced listings can be a valuable addition to your marketing efforts. They provide an opportunity to showcase additional features, highlights, or promotions related to your listings. By utilizing enhanced listings when your agents have extra marketing goodies, you can effectively attract more attention, stand out from the competition, and provide potential customers with valuable information. It’s a smart strategy to maximize the impact of your listings and drive engagement.

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