CRM Documentation For Real Estate Teams - do you provide a sales motion?

One of the most exciting things about moving to Renaissance is we are now migrating away from SalesForce and into REW CRM

Which is WAY BETTER!

Of course that means we have to train our teams specifically on REW CRM (they know how to talk to others about it, but now they are using it themselves and our use case / workflows are somewhat different.

And of course, for new reps, it’s important to have robust training documentation to help them get up to speed quickly.

I’ve started creating these docs (looks like this)

My quesiton to the group is, as real estate agents, team leaders or companies are you producing documentation for REW CRM? Do you prescribe sales motions?

Would love to know what you’re teaching if you’re willing to share (I will too)

OR if you don’t have them - my next question.

Would it be helpful if we produced some for you?