CRM - moving from one lead to another

Hi, I was wondering if you can add a small feature on the CRM. When were on a lead’s page I see a “back to leads” button. Can you add a “next lead” and “previous lead” button? Just so we don’t have to go back one page (and lose our spot) in order to advance one page.



You can middle click (or left click, open in new tab) to view the lead in a new tab. Then just close the tab when you’re done. This way when you close the tab you’re back on the leads dashboard view, at the same spot you left off and can move onto the next lead. This will save you time on going back one page, scrolling down, and moving on to the next lead.

Hi Glenn,

Great suggestion! I’ll take this back to the team and Morgan to discuss further.

Great. Thanks a lot.