CRM Notifications for site visits

Hi, is a notification setting whereby we get notified by text/ email/ the app when an existing lead logs back into our site?

Hey Glenn, you can find notifications settings here:

Available notifications are:

and you have these options:

When someone logs back in is not an option:

A couple of reasons:

#1: Cookies are set, so they don’t often “log back in” rather they revisit the site (and are already logged in)

#2: That would get REALLY annoying as some clients log in multiple times per day, and when you get into bigger lead volumes, it really is not usable.

What we do instead is create a smart list for “Last Active 7 Days” (set the days to whatever you want, you could even have “active today”), and then you can sort it by most recent.

what I think you’ll find is that as lead volume increases (and compounds) you will be far too busy on higher-value tasks/leads to follow up on absolutely everyone who revisits the site.

In case nobody welcomed you yet. Welcome to the forums BTW! Great to have you :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your response Morgan. All makes sense.