Cultivating positive reviews - a key to boosting your SEO efforts

Today I wanted to share something that’s increasingly becoming a hot topic in real estate - online reviews.

We’re all aware of the role that reviews play in an intangible sense - reputation.

But tangibly, reviews aren’t just about reputation anymore; they’re playing a growing role in SEO rankings - Google and other search engines are factoring these local reviews into how they rank businesses in search results.

So how would I recommend cultivating positive reviews, and at the same time, improve SEO?

1. Simply ask clients to leave reviews: this might seem obvious, but asking satisfied clients to leave a review can work wonders. If you haven’t tried this, you might be surprised at how many are willing to help out.
2. Respond to reviews: Whether it’s a positive or negative review, always take the time to respond professionally. This shows you value your clients’ feedback, as well as showing potential clients that you care.
3. Make it easy: Provide links to your Google My Business page (if you have one set up) in your emails and on your website. Adding Google My Business to your website is also a positive ranking factor for Google, so keep that in mind.

Do you have a workflow that you use to help encourage clients to leave reviews? How do you handle the less than ideal ones? Have you seen an uptick in your SEO rankings due to increased positive reviews?

As always, I appreciate your feedback.


Simply asking for reviews is SO underrated. It seems so simple but a lot of people can struggle with it.

One tip is to not wait until your business relationship wraps to ask for the review. Client is super happy mid way? Strike while the iron is hot!


I completely agree.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until the completion of the sale to ask for a review - that’s great advice.