Custom Events & Date Based Campaigns - Huge Upgrade to REW CRM

I have some REALLY exciting news!

The Renaissance / CRM team just informed me of a new upgrade that will be coming out next week and in it is the new data-based campaigns feature.

Why is it awesome?

This new feature ties into our “custom CRM fields” feature and now allows you to set date-based reminders (that repeat annually) for any custom date field you create.

So here’s how it works:

Say you create your own custom date field in the CRM Like “Home Anniversary” (when they bought their home from you)

Now you can head over to “Campaigns” and you can create annual emails that will automatically go out to past clients based on that (or any other custom field).

Here are some screens:

Open new interface, select “campaigns”

Add new, or grab existing campaign"

You’ll be greeted by the shiny NEW interface for campaigns.

You get the familiar WYSIWYG editor and can select editable form letters or write something new.

But now check this out! See that familiar “x days into campaign”? (which we’ve always had)

Now you can also do this! (Choose a specific date)

But more importantly now you can do THIS!! (Select any custom CRM date field you want!)

And yes, you can set it to automatically repeat every year if you want :slight_smile:

Pretty awesome right?

This rolls out to the installer next week for Renaissance and also gets patched to non-deprecated platforms that don’t have customizations next week as well. (Renaissance and Vision ADA out of the box platforms will automatically get it)

If you’re on a customized or deprecated platform, please reach out to your account manager to discuss options to upgrade.

Can’t wait to start using this feature for our own real estate business! Going to be so helpful!