Customer Appreciation Events

What are your favorite and most effective customer appreciation event ideas? How many events per year do you host?

on the consumer side, I appreciate a live band and events that give back to charity. If a brokerage puts on a great event that raises $ for a great local cause I’m way more likely to go.

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Thank you forgiving me a nudge regarding combining charitable efforts with customer appreciation. Our Team does have charitable giving initiatives, and we do customer appreciation events, but had not combined the two (yet).


Working on a project as we speak, for our next event.

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Well and now you have the magic, so that’s a whole other level! Imagine a “Magic Gift” partnered with the Orlando Magic where folks bid on tickets for the right to send a child in cancer treatment to a Magic game with their family (just one example)

All the companies or people that bid get visibility, and the winning bidder in a small way can associate themselves with the Magic (works best if Magic will co-promote) so maybe there is a social shoutout from them or something. Get orlando to donate the tickets, you’re associated with all of it, and everyone wins!

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I LOVE THIS @Morgan!!!

We are working on creatives as we speak! Any/all ideas welcomed and appreciated.