Date stamp on notes for leads

Hi, are we able to see to a date stamp for notes we’ve create without scrolling down through the entire activity thread. I’ve attached a screen shot for reference.

Thank you.
Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 10.53.16 AM

Hey @GFeldstein,

One of the things we use quite a lot in the CRM is the quick notes - they show right underneath the lead’s name on your main CRM page and on the lead’s summary page:

They’re great because you can see/edit them from either spot, and they automatically add the date for you.

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It should be right beside the name card

Yup it’s there (both private and public notes)

Are you not seeing it?

Usually, when the note is titled “Lead Remark” as it is in Glenn’s screenshot, it’s a collection of all of the comments a lead has left in the various forms/inquiries they have submitted through the frontend over time. Agent notes on the other hand will show the agent name and date.
I’m guessing that when leads are imported into the CRM via csv file, any comments in the notes column may show up as a Lead Remark. Maybe that’s the case in Glenn’s screenshot?