Do You See Your Brand in 20/20...Better Yet, Will Consumers See Your Brand in 20/20

2020 is around the corner and based on your perspective, it’s shaping up to be a very “strange, exciting, wild” ride of a year. With election and economic uncertainty, moving target price points, and limited spectrum inventory, BRAND, your brand, needs to be “front and center” with your sphere of influence.
TECH and Social Media are the new referral. Your brand needs to be aligned with consumer behavior, on how they “search for properties, select and agent and share their experience”.

So while most of us are evaluating 2019 data for r.o.i and re-weighting our budgets, some competitors, are in the 2020 hunt right now. They are using this time to launch initiatives in 2019, for the upcoming year. This allows them to be nimble and pivot without missing a beat.

No one knows what will happen in and during the year, but brand prep and alignment to “downloads rather then clicks” is not only prudent, but keeps you securely in sync with consumer speak, the “how, when and why” of today’s real estate consumer communication.

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BRAND is a big word, and is more of an intangible feeling it evokes in a consumer, where as BRAND MARKETING is really where the tactical and strategic initiatives come into play. They must align. TECH isn’t really a referral, its a tool to design an overall experience around an action a client or prospect must take at any given touchpoint with a BRAND.

Learn and listen to client needs and sentiment and design the touch points that address all, and you’ve got a winning strategy.

What you say is very true… however I do believe, TECH can be a referral, when your brand and tech tool is perfectly aligned with consumer behavior. I.E - Your Branded Mobile App (as an icon) on a consumers phone, their lifeline. When that tool matches their three most active data behaviors, “search, select and share”, the tool becomes your own network (referral) community. When a branded tech tool aligns perfectly, it becomes more than a tech tool, it’s your brand…and you.

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