Early Adopter Agents Required!

At REW, we’re always working on new features and capabilities and love to involve our community throughout the process.

One of our current projects, is adding the ability to feed leads directly from Zillow and Realtor.com for seamless Lead Management within REW CRM!

We’re seeking a few agents to help us test this new functionality through your existing Zillow and Realtor.com agent accounts.

No time will be required and our team will manage the testing without disruption to your account. If you’re interested in being one of our early adopters, please let me know and I’ll reach out directly!

Thank you in advance to our awesome community and clients; I look forward to connecting with you.


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I plan on paying for leads with Realtor.com next month. I would love to be apart of the testing phase! I am on an agent subdomain at the moment if that makes any difference. I don’t think the official release is out yet but I’m not sure.

Looking forward to being of help, Lisa!

BTW Happy Thanksgiving (Just now realized Canada’s Thanksgiving is on a different week than USA :sweat_smile:)

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Thank you Chance! I’ll follow up shortly and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!! :grinning:

Hey chance, unfortunately you need to be able to make admin / access decisions for the main account. Agents on sub domains of a brokerage site cannot authorize the installation of beta software on the CRM. Thank you for your interest though. Appreciate you

I already have the Zillow integration running, while not an agent myself. I can answer any questions you may have, and more than happy to test anything.

That is not what she is referencing. We have a “new” (parse leads from anywhere) feature we are testing and we need sample emails from the major providers (like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com etc) so that we can test the email parser. So if YOU get emails from zillow about leads or inquiries, we need to see those so we can digest the format and parse it into the right group.

This is new software, no one has it yet :slight_smile: