Everything has AI in it! Funny Keyword Research From Google Console

As if researching and doing SEO around AI isn’t hard enough :slight_smile:

Check out the screenshot below…

As it turns out, “AI” is in everything. (apparently)

The word “campaign” has AI in it.

If you’re fortunate to live “Hawaii”? Yup. Has AI in it.

Optimizing for a “Domain” right? <<< AI!!!

Some Real Estate Webmasters specific examples

Our real estate web platform is called “Renaissance”… you guessed it AI!

And our headquarters is in a little town no one has ever heard of “Nanaimo” and wouldn’t you know it? AI is in that too!

This is just proof positive that AI is everywhere. And you should be focused on making sure you are incorporating it into your business.

I mean, even what I was doing this morning to find this. “Long-tail keyword research” has AI.

It’s undeniable!

What are some of your favourite words (or words that come up in your keyword research) that have AI in them?

Post a comment below :slight_smile: :point_down:t2:

My name…but I doubt that’ll be appearing in any of our keyword research soon! :laughing:

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Even our AI guy has AI!