Experienced an unexpected drop in rankings in the past 3 years? You're not alone

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a bit of my recent experience with my SEO clients.

A common trend of communication that I hear is that although my clients have done “everything right,” they’ve experienced a drop in rankings on their listing pages - particularly starting 3 years ago.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of algorithm updates - generally speaking, some updates are quite minor, and you might not see much of a difference on your site post update. November 2021 was an exception - this was a massive update that shook the SEO world - still to this day.

If you want to read more about the update, I’ve linked it above.

Long story short - Google made a huge pivot to prioritize websites that exemplify experience, expertise, authoritativeness, a trustworthiness - or E.E.A.T.

This might sound vague, and it kind of is.

A question I hear a lot is, “what are 3-5 easy things I can do to regain my previous rankings?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick fixes - at least to my knowledge.

Without getting into a draw-out technical conversation, I think it’s still a matter of focusing on the fundamentals - a wicked fast, mobile friendly website, with optimized UI. If you’re a Real Estate Webmasters’ website client, you need not worry about that.

Secondly, building authoritativeness and trust through genuinely helpful, read-worthy blog content ideally with a list of backlinks that’s properly linked internally to your community pages also makes a massive difference.

The biggest thing I want to stress is that this process takes time to build up. Revamping already strongly performing blogs is another strategy beyond writing brand new blogs. In my opinion, building a strong website presence got much harder than of this update - particularly if you weren’t already on your toes, so to speak.

With all of this being said, what’s your experience with the core update in November 2021? Have you seen a dip in your rankings/traffic? If so, how did you respond?