Facebook Dynamic Remarketing

Is this something REW can do/assist with? Other companies are able to do this so I figured it was worth a shot. Basically I need to export the listings on my website periodically in XML format to be able to serve ads to visitors of homes similar to what they looked at on facebook to re-engage them and get them back to the site.



You can only do this with YOUR listings so this may or may not have a lot of value to you depending on how many listings you have. If you only have just a few occasionally, then you could (and should) do this manually. That way you can properly optimize, split / AB test copy, etc

We don’t support an XML version of it no, but you could do it with a retainer project.

Important note: Most IDX reciprocity agreements do not allow for you to advertise anyone else’s listings in any other way than putting them on your website (or rather having REW do it) - they need to ensure proper compliance (listing courtesy of, MLS logos etc) so it’s critical to have an understanding of your local MLS rules with respect to data distribution if not your listings.

Your own listings, you can generally do whatever you want. But still consult with your broker or MLS if you’re curious on any restrictions there as well.

I agree I would think we could only share our listings, but many competitor companies do this and have been doing this with ALL listings for years. I’m currently doing it with my Sierra Interactive site that I’m moving away from and it’s one of Ylopo’s main selling features. If they can do it, I know it’s possible. Can it be a “I’ll take the blame not REW” situation?

REW would never build an application that intentionally and knowingly violates compliance. It does not matter what other companies do, we take our relationships with the MLS very seriously. Also, if you violate MLS compliance, you risk having your feed pulled (our feed pulled) which can have a much greater impact on the overall customer base and our ability to service them.

Totally get that and I’d never want for that to happen. Just curious if it’s possible to set up since it’s clearly allowed in my MLS

If it’s allowed in your MLS, there is no reason you could not have the retainer team code it for you. I just know that overall, most MLS’s don’t allow advertising of other agents listings except within the compliance guidelines of their data access contract. Feel free to get permission from your MLS and then take it on as a project. Getting a straight up feed created is really not that hard.

I would love to do this. I know in order for us to be in compliance we have to reference the listing agent in part of the property description or the listing office. How much would it be for a retainer.