Feedback on REW Deals (post your feedback) remember it's beta!

Hey @Rebecca, @Aayaam, and all the rest of R & D (and new users)

I figured I’d create a thread for you to provide your feedback as this is the very first BETA install of REW Deals.

A few things:

There are going to be bugs (that’s what makes it a beta) we’ll get them logged and squashed (we will release patches about every 30 days or so). As a beta some portions may be discovered to not function as intended (or heaven forbid not at all), during the beta period there is no live patching or support tickets, we log them in R & D and they get patched next release. My advise - use it (it’s awesome) if you don’t mind a few bugs. If you can’t stand playing with something that isn’t perfect. Maybe don’t use it yet :slight_smile:

You’ll have UI feedback and suggestions (we want that) - we’ve got a great start, but once you start using it we know you’ll have great ideas. (We promise to listen to all of them and I am sure so many of your ideas will help make the product better) but of course, not everything makes the final cut. No hard feelings

You can’t customize (not during beta) - this is so new our professional services teams aren’t even trained on it yet. So by all means make a wish list (much of which me might just DO (no cost) in R & D if it’s a great idea, but we can’t do custom work on it right now, it’s just too new.

For everyone giving us feedback and trying out the new deals tracking software. We really appreciate you and your feedback!

I’ll start my feedback on the next thread down:


Small item - **the little thumbnail that is meant to show under “parties” (**when a lead has a photo uploaded) isn’t rendering on the edit page. Most folks don’t upload pics of their clients in the CRM so it’s likely I’m the only one that would find this. But let’s make sure it works :slight_smile:

When adding offers (buy side) < especially with multiple offers, the UI could be improved I think.

1: When you’re adding a “new” offer (on the add screen) it also shows other offers below it. This is going to make it cumbersome when there is a lot of offers (keep in mind you still have to scroll down and click “save” to the right (at the bottom) if this had 20 offers, that would be a LOT of scrolling. So don’t show the other offers “below” the offer when you’re adding.

2: We can improve the “add” button to say “Add this offer” but I still find it hard to remember sometimes that I also have to scroll down and hit save. In a perfect world, this would have a more autosave type component so we don’t lose our work if we fill it out, click “add new offer” but forget to save.

Adding the new “deals” modal (from the agent dashboard) to sources.

The new modal is awesome for an at a glance snapshot (this one)

It would be great if we could also have that same modal available in “Sources” when you mouse over deals. Right now it just shows the number of deals but I can’t click through to them. Alternatively (and this might be even better)

If you click that number, maybe it could open (in a new tab < very important) the actual deals screen with a query that matches the query that was in sources.

Pipeline column?

I LOVE the new pipeline summary feature: (So sick being able to see your up coming volume)

But there is no way to see it on a “per deal basis” (see screen below).

There are a few options here:

1: We could add additional columns called “budget” and “potential commission” < that’s too long though, OR we could just use the commissions’ field and allow it to be filled out even if a deal hasn’t been completed yet. (We’d still need a budget column for buyers in the pipeline. < I want that either way)

2: Another option is to show the budget under the sold price but have it be a different colour or something (indicating it’s a pipeline value not a solid sale. But we don’t have a pattern for that, and no that I’m writing it, I don’t love the idea.

So likely option A (more columns!) - because if there is one thing I know - the only thing agents love as much as logging past deals, is counting all the potential future commissions in their pipeline! (of course they do, it’s super motivating!) (Oh and while we’re in there, I’d like to see a report card summing the potential commissions (or pipeline commissions)

I would love to be able to play with the new Deals feature! The screenshots I’m seeing make me hopeful for a customizable, date-centric transaction management section! That is the main thing missing from the current REW CRM and the only reason we have to use a secondary CRM.


That is the goal! :slight_smile:

As a beta, not all of the planned “customizable” parts are rolled out “yet” - but it is already fully customizable from a smart list and views management perspective.

Excited to showcase this as more sites are installed (installs are happening this week and I have seen many sites upgraded already)

I think I should probably book a webinar to showcase this… @AmyPye let’s chat tomorrow

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@MattPinneo @Rebecca - I’ve noticed an issue with the patch in the “sources” section related to “timeline” (I don’t think it’s using the right date, or rather I think it should use a different date).

What it seems to be doing is using the timestamp of the “date entered” (as in when a deal was logged into the system) as opposed to the “closed date” (of the actual deal).

You will notice why this is an issue when you go back in time and start adding deals from previous periods.

For example - I am adding deals from 2021 to one of our RE/MAX brokerages, logging their spend over that period etc.

Then I want to create a smart list of “2021 deals” - and use the timeline Jan 1, 2021, to Dec 31, 2021.

When I do this, some things update correctly (Spend, # of leads and cost per lead), but other elements don’t update (conversion rate, # of deals, volume, commission).

Needs to be looked at. (Here is a screenshot)

One thing to note though - I don’t know the parties in this case, so I am just adding them all under my own lead profile, but that lead profile was also added in 2021 and is flagged to this source, so it should work.

What’s interesting is on a different system I am starting to load deals on, timeline does in fact seem to work as expected

So perhaps, it’s because I attributed all those deals (in the first example) to the Morgan Carey lead profile? I think maybe we need to take a look at the specific use case, I may have messed it up and the numbers might correct when we add distinct parties. Let’s go over that specific client example today

(Confirmed - there is a filter for “timestamp created” which will cause a restriction of data when entering past deals - this has been reported to Matt P, and will get addressed in the next patch.

(Update - Matt P and I are going to test commenting out the date entered timestamp and push to this client site to see if data comes back correct - if correct, we’ll look at a hotfix as this is a relatively low impact item.

Hey Team,

Will it be possible to create our own checklists for the Buy or Sell side? Currently you have to add each line item with each transaction. It would be great to select the deal type and it populates what you have already created.

The ability to save / update defaults is most definitely on our list of future features yes.

As is the ability to edit the stages (phase 3)

Since we know each customer runs their business differently, the dream is to have a “base” build, but allow customers to customize to their needs :slight_smile:

Great suggestion.

REW Deals is already A grade work and this is just the beta. Really good! I wanted to elaborate on Morgan’s point. See this screenshot. On the Offers stage screen, a user can scroll to a point where there are two add buttons and a save button all appearing at once. That can be confusing. More descriptive button labels would help across the board. That green save button can fool you if you don’t notice the add offer button and click it first.

And the lower section is a little confusing too. It’s not part of the offer above it. I initially thought it was a description of the offer above, but that lower section spans each stage. It would be nice to somehow highlight that is a different section and it spans every stage of the deal.

One might even make the case that the lower section may not need to appear on each stage screen. I’ve only entered a couple of test deals and offers myself and just getting used to it.

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Glad you like it!

FYI - we can import your historical deals into the system for you (save you manual entry) if you can give them to us in the prescribed CSV - let us know if you’re interested and we can get you the download format :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Victor!

Thank you! I’m going to see how difficult it is to export our sales data. It would be nice to have some historic deals in there so we’re not just starting from zero.

Let me know if I can help at all Victor! As Morgan said we do have a CSV template we can share to make mass importing deals easier.

@Rebecca would you please share that CSV template with me as well?

@Morgan a really beneficial addition would be to have a “transaction source” that’s separate from the lead’s original source so that we can more accurately track our transaction ROI. For example, if a lead came in originally through Zillow and we converted them to a sale, that first sale should count toward Zillow ROI. But, if we do 5 more transactions with that person down the line, we would count those to repeat client because of the relationship we built and not toward Zillow ROI.

Thank @Sherida I’ve just sent you an email with the Deals template.


As newcomers to REW, we are currently in the process of inputting our historical transactions, which include referral fees. We are inquiring whether REW plans to integrate this functionality into the CRM in the near future, or if we should consider custom development to accommodate these entries.

Thank you!

Great question! (And suggestion)

We are definitely open to adding additional accounting details (such as additional costs of the deal) to the deals module.

Note sure if you are registered for the webinar today, but these are exactly the kinds of things we’ll be talking about :slight_smile:

Awesome! If I may ask, how are other members of REW currently tracking their referral fees in the system? We are having a bit of trouble finding a way to do this.

@Rebecca let’s add “referral fee” to our next R & D connect please - it’s a common thing and a good idea.

I would imagine most teams take the referral fee “off the top” (Before splits etc) does this jive with what you do @augustandmain ?

in which case, seems pretty easy:

I’d put it right here:

In between Total Commission and Agent Split.
In which case agent split would be the % entered x (total commission - referral fee)

Hope that makes sense

Makes sense to me! I will add that to our agenda for next week.

Thank you for your prompt response!

While referral fees do come off the top of our commissions, we need a way to track the exact amounts. We’ve found that entering the referral fee as a “Source” helps us keep an eye on spending. However, setting up a source for each deal that includes a referral fee feels a bit tedious, especially since most of our deals have referral fees and the amount varies based on the commission for each deal.

We just wanted to reach out to see if there were any alternative routes!

Thanks again!