Free WPO (Web Performance Optimization) For Renaissance Users (Contest has now ended)

Hi @russell, @carlo_nayve and I are excited to report back our WPO work! We’ve made some changes to boost your performance greatly, one of which is a recommendation that makes up the majority of the score improvement but will require you to decide how to proceed.

  • Opportunity: Image Optimization

  • Actions: Optimized your images by shrinking the image dimensions, running them through a compression tool, converted them to webp format and ensured that lazy loading was applied to all images which reduced load times.

  • Opportunity: Third-Party Scripts

  • Actions: Our screenshot shows how removing your third party scripts brings your score up to 91 which is amazing! These scripts have quite a heavy performance impact. With them on the page, your score is decreased down to ~40. Here is where these scripts are located if you would like to review and modify/remove them.

Global Tracking Script > ‘Global Tracking Script’ field

Third-Party Scripts > in the editor, click the ‘< >’ icon

Please weigh the benefits of those scripts with the performance impact they are having on your site. If you believe the value they provide is worth the performance impact then you’re free to keep them as is. If they aren’t necessary, we do recommend removing them to ensure your site performs it’s best!

Hope this helps and you enjoy the optimizations!


Hi @TylerMarrin and @aaviles , @Moriah and I are jumping in to start your WPO review! We have just run our before metrics on PageSpeed Insights and here are the top opportunities on your site:

  • Opportunity: Image Optimization

  • Recommendations: Compress images, lazy load offscreen images, properly size images, and serve images in next-gen formats

  • Opportunity: Font Optimization

  • Recommendations: Ensure font isn’t a render-blocking resource

  • Opportunity: Third-Party Scripts

  • Recommendations: Consider performance impact and determine if any aren’t necessary or can be only loaded on certain pages

  • Opportunity: Reduce Initial Server Response Time

  • Recommendations: Cache resource heavy features, optimize queries, and optimize/reduce requests

The list above would be our areas of focus for your performance optimizations, please let us know if we have the green light to help with these!


I would love to be considered
I would love for someone on the programming team to tackle the bug in the code for the Quick Search (buy) as it changes the Accessibility score in a Google Lighthouse by 6 points if fixed.

How do We get on the bandwagon Morgan

Hello Cindy, not sure about the item you’re referring to. (But we can investigate) seems related to ADA (accessibility) not as much about WPO. That being said ADA matters too! (that might be a different thread/contest)

But for you, I looked at your homepage, and you’ve got a perfect score for accessibility (which is overkill for what is needed)

As for accessing programming time for WPO, the topic of this thread:

Your scores are 99 desktop / 82 mobile, so you would not qualify for free WPP programming (you’re already crushing it)

you do have $500 accumulated in your early renewal account, so if you really did want a programmer to investigate deeper and try to work on that 82, you could always go that way too.

you post your URL (in your case happens to be your username) we test it and if it’s below 70 on mobile, we assign a team to fix it (we keep taking sites until every team member at REW has done “at least” 1 WPO project.

Your site is 52 on mobile, so could definitely use a bit of help. @AmyPye @matthutchings @Moriah will add you to the list my friend.

If you’re still looking we could use some help. Mobile score 26

Taking a look at my latest install: (clean no customer content or custom work)

Looks like there are a few new metrics we could improve on (DOH!)

Should probably bring this to the #websites:accessibility forum to debug, appreciate you calling this out. 95 / 87 / 100 / 99 is pretty epic, BUT if we can figure out those last 10-15 new point categories, why not?

@Aayaam @MattPinneo, let’s head over to the ADA forums and see what we can’t figure out here.

Thanks Impassioned for your callout.

Update, I’ve already done the audit, recommendations are here: Google Lighthouse Accessibility Review for Real Estate

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Hey Morgan and team, thanks for thinking of us, we would of course like to participate in this.

Growth of site traffic has been great since joining REW, so look forward to any and all improvements to continue that trend. Let us know if anything we need to do to get in your queue.


Thanks for the detailed rundown, the light is green!

One thing to note, we do plan on changing our home page image to the YT video option in the near future. We do understand that it not the best for the speed but we anticipate the look being good enough to warrant the trade off.

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We’ll have it done by EOD tomorrow my friend :slight_smile:

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Hey Morgan, can you look at for WPO? thanks, wilf

Hey Wilf, fortunately you don’t make the cut! :slight_smile:

You’re site is already plenty fast (could always be faster) but really you have very little work to do (and you can do the work quite easily) to make it faster.

You’re a 96/75 on Google page speed

If you want to improve page speed, it’s really all about 2 main things for you

#1: Reduce the amount of listings you have on the page (maybe don’t have 2 sets of listings snippets)

#2: Reduce the size of your images on the page (those you have control over)

That should get you close to if not all the way past 80 :slight_smile:

PS - maybe wait until after your CRM patch since a few optimizations are included in that patch as well, and you did qualify for beta so that is coming in the next week or so for you :slight_smile:

Hello @RRaybould. I hope you are doing well. Ralf and I, your assigned designer and developer, are excited to start your WPO review! We have run PageSpeed Insights and see these are the top opportunities on your site: Top Opportunities:

  • Opportunity: Image Optimization
  • Recommendation: Convert to WebP format, compress, Lazy loading hidden images, properly size images
  • Opportunity: Third-Party Scripts
  • Recommendation: Consider performance impact and determine if any aren’t necessary or can be only loaded on certain pages.
  • Opportunity: Font Optimization
  • Recommendations: Ensure font isn’t a render-blocking resource

Please let us know if you have any questions and if you approve of us starting work on your site. Once you approve of the above recommendations, we’ll get started as soon as we can.

We already have the go-ahead from AJ, let’s get er done please! thanks

We are and would love to see our mobile page speed improve!

I’d also like to batch our photos to WebP - is this possible? when I upload photos on any pages - it says “.webp has an invalid extension. Only jpg, jpeg, png, gif are allowed.”

Here is the Page Speed link


Hi @TylerMarrin and @aaviles, @matthutchings and I are thrilled to report back the WPO improvements made on your site today!

The following changes outlined below have been made to help increase your site performance. Please note that one of our recommendations that makes up most of the excellent performance score will require your consideration.

  • Opportunity: Image Optimization

  • Actions: Ensured that lazy loading is applied to images and converted “The Most Talented Real Estate Agents in Tampa Bay” image to webp. We also replaced one of the site’s placeholder images with an optimized inline version.

  • Opportunity: Font Optimization

  • Actions: Ensured that fonts aren’t a render-blocking resource.

  • Opportunity: Third-Party Scripts

  • Actions: When your third party scripts are removed, your score is brought up to a 92! When the scripts are loaded on the page it brings it down to approximately 75. As you can see the scripts have a large impact on performance. Please find the following locations where you can find these scripts if you would like to consider removing or modifying them:

Location 1. Global Tracking Script

Location 2. “footer-body” CMS Snippet:

Please consider the above scripts with their effect on the performance on your site. You’re free to keep them if you believe they bring value, but we would recommend considering removing or modifying to help improve your site performance.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the optimizations!

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Moriah, I think this tracking script issue could use some additional discovery.

I’ve taken a look, and yes, in their case, they do have quite a few third-party scripts: Facebook, Adwerx, Google (and without a doubt they are slowing things down) but one has to assume Google tag manager / Google Analytics at the very least could be optimized from a page loading perspective.

Have you tested the scripts individually to see which ones have the bigger impact? (I’ll probably go do this after I post)

Is there any insights / best practices available for anyone who “must” use third party scripts for legitimate purposes such as delaying script load until after page render to ensure fast consumer experience? If you don’t know, let’s do some research (I’ll do some too) - I think we can squeeze some more of out of this particular issue.

Off to test each one 1 by 1 now. Back in a bit!

Ok team, I have done an analysis of the various tracking scripts: Here is a visual

From this analysis, I’ve found that Google Ads Tracking script and Facebook Pixel are by far the biggest offenders.

This tag is the worst! (starts with)

async src="

Short term, a solution would be to not have tags sitewide, but only on pages where those tags are needed (facebook on pages you are sending facebook traffic, Ads tracking on pages you are sending adwords) but honestly that would be a bit of a work around.

I think the bigger issue here is we need to do a deep dive into the possibility of post-loading these scripts (after the full page loads in a delay format or potentially even on scroll) so that they are not impacting the user experience (or even being loaded) until after the full source and page render.

@hatzopoulos have you done any optimization related to tracking scripts in the footer?