Google Lighthouse Accessibility Review for Real Estate

@Impassioned pointed out that Lighthouse has some new feedback for us on accessibility.

I just ran the tool myself, and sure enough, while we are a pretty kick-ass 87, there are a few things I think we can improve quite easily to make us even better!

Going to ping some team members @MattPinneo @Aayaam @michael

From what see quickly here, we could make the following adjustments:

Unique area labels in the dropdown UL’s, should be a super easy fix, I think in our demo content we just need to give each dropdown id it’s own number (if dashboard is 0, then have communities be 1 etc)

It will be an education issue for clients though as they create their own dropdowns they should be changing those id’s

I just make the change manually myself and increased our score from 87 to 94 #boom!!!

The other element that I’ll need a programmer to help with is the buy form (seems to have an invalid value)

While we’re in there patching, might as well make the following additional tweaks:

Explicit height and width (one of these is related to stock content which I can easily fix, and one is dynamically generated (the logo for MLS compliance)

Each of these should have an explicit width and height

And finally (minor mobile issue) increase space around hamburger meno and phone number (and evaluate size) to satisfy latest recommendations.

Do those things, and then let’s rerun the lighthouse :slight_smile:

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