Getting PPC Dialed In $12 CPL / 3 leads a day, is that too much?

As many of you know I’m working on my wife’s site still not done yet, but I am testing it with PPC as I build it out.

Begs the question, when do I stop? I mean she’s new now, has only had 2 listings in her first 2 months (one already sold YES!) but at some point the buyers and listings are going to build up. So the question is: Is 3 leads a day too many? Not enough?

Is it ok to fill up the pipeline quickly and then back it off as she gets busy?

What is your strategy when you have a new agent and they are just getting started on leads?

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In my experience leads are crucial to building the database and sphere of influence for all marketing activities, and working to fill the database shouldn’t ever stop. But what stops most agents is their ability to “manage” the leads, nurture then convert- while out working with current clients. So, no magic number until Carly gets a feel for managing them through the CRM, and the efforts it takes to convert. Once she has more leads than she can handle- time to get an admin to help! But I wouldn’t slow it down or stop- especially during the holiday season.

AND! I’m taking my own advice here :slight_smile:

I’d say fill it up as fast as you can and she can manage without a drop off in service. Then back it down as she gets busier and her mental health gets challenged trying to keep up with them all.

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