Global MLS + AI = IDX Worldwide Real Estate Webmasters Multiple Listings Solution

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Today is a big day for Real Estate Webmasters:

The Global MLS project we have been working on is featured on the Cover of Real Estate Magazine

This project is something we’ve been working on since before covid however it was paused during the pandemic due to the lack of ability to travel and global uncertainty.

Now that borders are open again, we’re back at it! We’re building a global MLS!

The article explains a lot about how this came about and what we’re doing, but I would encourage you to ask questions here in this thread so that we have a place to discuss this exciting new project.

A few questions you might have right away:

Why are you building a global MLS? Most members here know Real Estate Webmasters build the world’s best real estate websites. They are at their best however when we have an IDX / MLS feed so we have access to available inventory as a call to action and can leverage listings for traffic and lead generation.

In the global markets there is no MLS (so there is no feed of listings) therefore when we land global customers, we are limited by just the listings they have in their office which (especially during times of low inventory) can be only a few (or none). This makes for a less-than-ideal consumer experience.

By having a global MLS we have far more listings to offer on any website, and thus no matter which customer website they land on, the user is happier as they don’t have to do to 5,000 different websites looking at 2 listings per brokerage.

Why are you building a public-facing portal? In order for brokerages to “want” to give us listings we need to have something of value to offer in return. By building a public-facing portal and investing in SEO / SEM for lead generation we are able to bring valuable traffic and leads to our partners.

The difference between us and Zillow or other global portals is we give the organic leads directly to the listing brokerage, free of charge, always. That is the value exchange. You give us your listings (so we can build our awesome MLS websites for our customers) and we’ll generate leads via the portal and send them to you free of charge.

Also ranking the portal gives us a centralized place to build traffic and exposure for the application.

Can North American REW customers send listings to the global MLS? Of course! North America is part of the world, right? We’re working with some of our larger customers right now to ingest their listings which we can do automatically since we manage their websites and listings.

Smaller customers can request indexing as well (feel free to post “I’m in” below) and we’re happy to add you to the list. Please note however in many areas, it likely must be the “broker” that approves the feed to REW, not the agent (listings belong to the office, not the individual).

How are you using AI on this portal? Lots of ways - starting with the creation of hyper valuable area pages, sub-pages, property type pages, and blog posts we’re using the process of “human-assisted AI” (which I just taught in LRE® in Florida) to create massively valuable content.

What about translations, is it multi-lingual? We can use AI for that too. But we also have browser translations, and we’re currently working with Google on leveraging their enterprise-level translations API to automatically translate the content into up to 133 languages.

How can I get involved in the global MLS? If you’re the broker, post your interest below. If you’re an agent, send this thread to your broker and encourage them to reach out.

Are there other lead-generation opportunities? Sure there are! While we give all the organic leads to the brokers (no charge), if an agent at a brokerage wanted to do some lead gen on those same listings, we would happily do PPC management for them and generate some paid leads. The value add here for the agent is they don’t have to buy a full platform from REW in order to use our PPC services (which is a huge cost savings), and the value add for the broker and the listing agent of course is even more exposure for their listings. You could have your lender kick in some PPC budget as well.

Do you require IDX paperwork? If you are a customer and we already have your listings imported into your website (in our listings management system) then no, we don’t need IDX paperwork. It is best though that if you’re not the “broker” that you still get permission to have us put these listings on the portal. If you are NOT our customer, then yes we’d need you to become a customer in most cases since you need to have your listings on a Real Estate Webmasters website (in North America) in order for us to ingest your listings for free.

What’s the timeline? We are in the listings gather phase right now (which will be ongoing) however we expect to start seeing organic rankings/traffic within 6 months.

Any questions? Let us know below :slight_smile:


This is so exciting! Lots of heart and soul is going in to this project. Can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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Just spoke to @Garyashton - innovator as always.

The first thing he said was “I’m in!” - First North American RE/MAX Office. First Brokerage in Tennessee!

Thanks Gary!!!


Just spoke to the president of RE/MAX Canada Christopher Alexander (we manage his brokerage RE/MAX Professionals North) and he’s in for Professionals North listings!

The first Canadian brokerage is in. Nice!

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Forgot to mention, the first global website customer has also signed! RE/MAX England, And Wales. We will have all listings populated for both countries in the MLS and also powering the first global “Real Estate Webmasters + Global MLS” website.

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I have always found it frustrating to try and look at homes for sale abroad online. This is a wonderful solution. There are so many complex and moving parts, including the nuances of different cultures. REW is going to change the game! So exciting.

Huge man. Glad to be partnered with you. Keep pushing what’s possible.

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MY MAN! First KW team to offer listings to global MLS (pending broker approval). So awesome! I love how you’re always pushing the envelope!

@JustinHavre had a great question about paperwork for North American clients. I’ve updated the FAQ’s.

If you’re an existing client and we already have your listings in our listings manager, then it’s not an MLS / IDX issue. It’s no different than if you were to add your listings to any other portal (Zillow etc). That’s if you’re the broker that is.

If you’re NOT the broker, you should get your broker’s permission to post the listings. From our perspective email record/permission is acceptable. But of course, we encourage you to check with your broker to ensure they don’t have any issues.

Now if your “broker” wants to send all listings to us (not just yours), if they are not a customer then we don’t have all their listings in our listings management system, so they would need to become a REW customer and we would need to host their listings in order to make that happen. For larger brokerages (who can supply feeds) we will often cover the cost of ingesting the feeds. We currently support both REW ingestion and IRE (Inside Real Estate) via API.

I agree - game changer for sure.

My cousin moved a couple of years ago from Italy to San Francisco and it was a very frustrating experience for him. A Global MLS would have really helped his realtor and their family through an already complex move.

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This is huge! Excited for you @Garyashton and @Pozek! Exciting times for sure.

Very glad to see this part! It’s a fair trade of value. Happy to help build up a partnership rather than a competitor (i.e. Zillow selling our leads back to us). I think @caryporter already chimed in yes because we definitely want to get in.