Global MLS Entering Phase 2 of data ingestion - available soon to all REW clients

Hello all, I have exciting news!

Our global MLS platform and our listings portal is heading into phase 2 of its data ingestion.

What does that mean?

“For Real Estate Webmasters customers only” - if you’re a broker (in virtually all MLS it’s likely the case since brokers own the listings) we can now “ingest” listings directly from your Renaissance website / CMS.

It’s pretty simple really - we already host your listings on your website in the CMS, and so we have written an application that takes “just your listings” (not IDX listings) and pulls them into the Global MLS listings system which also feeds our global IDX feeds.

The best part? You don’t have to do anything (again if you’re a Real Estate Webmasters customer and a broker) - you can just email me permission and I’ll have the team take care of it.

We handle the importing of just your listings into our CMS, and then the transfer of that data into our normalized global feed.

Let’s talk about why you might want to do this:

#1 reason (right now) is the press. (and social). You are on the ground floor in your city / state or province in adopting an “AI-powered global MLS” which sounds really cool to leads/client prospects, agents (your current agents and those you’re trying to recruit) and local press outlets. Play your cards right you can get a bunch of good backlinks (for your own SEO) out of it, and you can use it all over social to get lots of engagement.

#2: We’re investing heavily in SEO for this site (the front-end portal) and I’ll be honest, we’re just getting started (there is virtually no traffic right now) but we’re the best real estate SEO company on the planet, and so you can bet we’re going to build this thing into millions of visitors. Your organic leads (now and forever) are free to you. AND, you are the only one who gets them. We aren’t selling your listing leads to others. That is not our play here. By giving us your listings (and maybe even placing our logo / giving us a backlink < totally optional but appreciated) you’re helping us build up our own authority “globally” (which helps us with our master plan, which I’ll explain below) and in exchange for helping us build that authority (by giving us your listings to show off) we’re giving you back all of the organic traffic and leads :slight_smile:

So yeah, for the next 6 months there may be little to no action (as we build) but Zillow started somewhere, and now look at their traffic! We plan on doing the same (and taking many of the long tail spots they don’t compete for) - but unlike them, our business model doesn’t involve us selling your leads back to you (or someone else).

Sound good? (FYI you’re in good company) some of the top players in the whole world are signing up: Take an organization like RE/MAX for example - we have @Garyashton #1 team in the world sending us listings and RE/MAX Canada President just signed up as well for his brokerages.

We have top indies like @livrealestate and @staciestaub feeding listings and huge companies like Keyes Realty in Florida.

They all see the same thing - more exposure for your listings in this market, at no cost and no risk is a win.

So if you’re in (and you’re a broker and a REW customer) then send me an email and give me permission. That’s all I need.

If you’re not a broker (but have a decent amount of listings) we can likely still help, but you need to go to your broker like @Pozek did and now we have his team’s listings feeding too!

Happy to discuss this here on the forums if you have questions, and thank you in advance for supporting us in this BHAG Global MLS project.

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I’m in! Naples Homes give you permission

Welcome to the Forums Community @Ryan !

We are so excited about this Global MLS project and can’t wait to see how many more people join Phase 2. Thanks for being the first one to sign up on this post.

Thanks, Ryan. Just confirming, you’re the broker of record for your listings, correct?

We’ll make it happen

Please add me I’m the broker of record.

We’re in! - Woods to Water Real Estate, Brainerd Lakes Area, MN

I give my permission. Sounds exciting.

Joe Lowry here- BHHS Utah Properties would like be involved- our Broker of record is not on the forum- but we will get an email off to you- thanks!

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@JoeLowry Got your approval, thanks! You are first in Utah! :slight_smile:

I just added some more horse power by bringing on @hatzopoulos to the team to help with some front-end items and wanted to give an update.

For now, I’m creating all of your accounts under the brokerage name (easy to find/look up), but we also support a 2nd account (your account if you want one personally as well) and we can have copies of the leads sent to the brokerage account, your account (or they can be one and the same).

And also, we will send the leads directly to the listing agent (unless you direct us otherwise) as long as the listing agent info is in the feed.

If it’s not, we can likely import your agent rosters and match them up - a few kinks to work out in the case of no listing agent info in the feed (but that looks rare). We’ll get a roster match up sorted shortly :slight_smile:

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Hey Jim, what is your full brokerage name please?

Blue Ocean Realty

@KayAgney As mentioned on the phone, we require your URL so I have posted it here with your permission. :slight_smile:

Thanks Stephanie.

Mark Uhr - here with Rockport Properties, I give permission let me know when complete:

Hey all, we have a backlog up requests (everyone here is captured) - we’ll be trying to get everyone from this list added by EOW next week…
thanks for your patience