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I have my analytics tracking code installed, and I’m trying to see how many listing detail pages on my website were viewed last month. It looks like my site structure has all the listing URLs containing “/listing/” so I’m trying to do a search to see how many pages that contained “/listing/” were viewed, but I’m getting nothing. I know that’s impossible, can someone show me whaat I’m doing wrong?



Hey Andy, for me in GA all I do is:
Analytis → Behavior → Site Content → All Pages
Hit the magnifying glass search icon, I type in “/idx/” which is the begininng of all my listing URLs and then I get the metrics.
Tried to upload screenshot but did not work. But give that a try.

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When I do that, its showing as the search pages that contain listings. For me, it’s the pages I’m driving PPC traffic to like a list of all homes in a certain city, etc. My site structure (looks like yours as well) has the individual listing pages as “/listing/” not “/idx/”. I’m trying to see how many individual homes have been looked at on my website. I have custom programming adding my preferred lender to all my listing detail pages so I’m trying to put together a report showing how many times his info has really appeared on our website in front of visitors. Not sure why none of my listing URLs are showing up in GA.

I followed the steps from Tyler. You can use “/idx/” but I was also able to get results for “/listing/” when I typed that into the search box.

Not great for a report, but you can see the pages in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console > Search Results > Pages > Filter Rows > Top Pages > Contains /listing/

That’s my problem. When I do that I don’t get any results. Somehow it appears my GA tag is not applied on my listings pages for some reason.

Hi Andy, thank you for highlighting this issue, our Product Team is investigating this now. We’ll keep you updated.

Hey Andy, I took a look (visit page, register, view source:

Your analytics code is firing on your details pages, so I do not think that is the issue. There is some other code in there (quite a bit actually) which might be causing conflicts. Not sure if using Google tag manager instead of pasting all that code direct into the REW system might help, but as far as I can tell (as long as your current tracking id is 972663349 then it is firing correctly.

A quick note on Brad’s comment on the search console - this does not include all traffic / all views of those pages that include /listings/ it only includes those pages that were found/originated from organic search. So it would not include traffic from other sources (emails, social, etc)

But yes, you should be able to see organically generated views from there.


Also if it helps for reporting purposes, you could just use the CRM instead.

For example - do a quick search or click on a smart search (active last 7, active last 30 etc)

Then just select all and export.

For me, listings are in column BS (haha)

Check it out. From this, I could tell my lender partner (if I was you)

I’ve had 200+ engaged users active on the site in the last week.

The average user has looked at over 85 properties, and in total users (just this week) have looked at over 18,000 properties on our website (not including them coming back and viewing multiple times which is often the case).

I think I’ve fixed it. There are 2 places to add code which I think is a little confusing. One is Settings >> Tracking Codes where I can add my UA number (I had it there). I guess when you input the UA number REW automatically paste’s the full code into the website. For some reason, that was not transferring to the listing details pages. Not sure if that’s a glitch or not.

I also have my google adwords tracking codes in Content >> Tools >> Conversion Tracking. For some reason, that google tag wasn’t including my Google Analytics number. I’ve edited the script to include it now and removed the UA number from Settings >> Tracking Codes and it appears to be working now. @Morgan Can you take a look and just let me know if I did everything correctly. I’ll remove you from our database too so you don’t get calls/texts from our ISA :slight_smile:

Just curious as to why it would only show organic views? If I use PPC to drive traffic to a page of “All Homes For Sale In XXX Neighborhood”, and the analytics tag is on every single page, why would it not pick up that the visitor viewed X number of listings from that page I drove them to?

That was not what I was saying: “Google Analytics” and “Google Search Console” are 2 different products. (this would show everything) is an SEO tool for organic only :slight_smile:

Also I did notice the 2 spots (confusing) too - I think one is deprecated, we should remove it. there should only be one place to add tracking code globally - @Aayaam @Rebecca please make note of this, we should be able to remove one for next release (just need to decide which one lol)

Thanks Morgan, I’ll make sure we discuss this in our next meeting.