Google Maps Sky view anyone looked into this yet? Skyview maps for real estate websites

Our Google rep just sent me an update that “Skyview” is coming soon to Google maps as an option (a paid option I’m sure).

Has anyone looked into these yet?

The demo they shared is on

Scroll down to the maps area and check out "Sky View (skyview however you write it)

Seems very much like a drone video (without having to pay for a drone video).

I’ve asked our rep if this works in smaller towns / cities as well, or if it’s just appropriate for larger areas like New York.

While we wait on that answer, what are your thoughts on this new feature?

Estimated release May 2023.


Rep just got back to me (that was quick!)

Say it works in more rural areas too:

Here is the example

Interesting different implementation up high on the page

I LOVE IT! The more to add to compete against behemoth ZILLOW, the better. They rule!

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This is way cool - but it’s only for leases correct?

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Has nothing to do with property types - it’s the Google Maps feature (theoretically you apply it to any address like street view)

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Great option

Looks great. Feels like a more useful riff on Apple maps flyover. I like the HDR-type processing to make it much brighter and more vibrant than traditional satellite views. If they cover a lot of the country with similar visuals (i.e. looks good in the gray, Pacific Northwest), I think we’ll see this move up into the photo gallery on a lot of sites.

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I expect there will be a large percentage of buyers who include this feature in their list of “must-haves” when choosing a website for their go-to local listings. I’ll be interested in any REW product that places the feature on the Renaissance details page!
Would it be feasible to make it an option on the IDX map search? (/idx/map)


Ooooh yes, same!

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