Google One Tap Registration for Renaissance

We’ve received many request for this feature and we’re pleased to announced that it is now a part of the Renaissance default framework.

This one takes a bit of setup (at Google, you need to create an OAuth) but is a really cool new option for registration.

Check it out here:

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YESSSSS!!! This is is fantastic, I already had this setup in my Google backed, so it took about 20 seconds to get it going. Great job REW crew!

@Morgan This setup requires setting an OAuth app type. Is there a more in depth tutorial? We’re asked to configure and register an app before we can continue with the OAuth Consent setup. Not sure if this is new since the addition of this feature but it’s a bit cumbersome and technically this isn’t our app. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tested a few things out and figured this one out. So for anyone that comes across having to setup an app before you can select the app as an external app and then add the required fields(Name, developer email and a couple of other things). There’s no requirement to register your app. Just fill that out and save. Then you will be able to follow the rest of the video.

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@Morgan This might be a long shot but have you guys collected any metrics on Google One Tap usage/conversion vs typical forced signup?

Here’s my findings with using it:

  1. I’m using the Follow Up Boss Pixel and the Google One Tap doesn’t trigger any of the signup forms on the page so no data is pushed over to FUB. Definitely causes a little manual entry but nothing crazy. I assume this isn’t something you guys would be able to implement without a full API integration since there isn’t a signup form being triggered? If you could it would be a much welcomed addition.
  2. I’m seeing about 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 6 of my signups on my site use the one tap option. Depends on the week but between 16 and 25%. The one thing that makes it a little tricky is that the Google One Tap does not translate phone numbers over. Not sure if this is by design but I’ve test with multiple Google accounts that I have and they all have phone numbers listed on them and they are shared with everyone.

Overall it’s a nice feature but I think if the goal is to capture people who are serious about buying then giving them a really easy option to sign in defeats the purpose. I have no problems clicking that link if I’m not serious about a product or platform. If I know I’m giving up my phone number and email to someone via a sign up form then I’m usually pretty serious about it.

I don’t think it’s REW’s option to have the phone number come over, I believe this is something google limits to protect their users data. I could be wrong as it was a while ago I looked into this as well and believe that was what I found.

@Calgary thanks Cody. That’s what I figured as well. I actually turned it off for now. Phone numbers not coming over coupled with the Follow Up Boss pixel not being able to pick the registration adds extra leg work.