Google Search Console per today's Zoom

After attending the SEO Zoom today, I went to Google Search Console and my site ( isn’t verified. In following Google instructions, I went to my domain provider to add the code to the dns. I couldn’t figure out where to put it and asked my domain provider. This was their response:

"Per my check, your domain is pointed to an CustomDNS (rewhosting).

The host records (TXT record, DKIM record, etc.,) can only be created at the end where the DNS is pointed.

So in this case, please contact your DNS provider (rewhosting) to add/edit the host records."

I’ve got the code so not sure who to contact to get this added. Thanks!

Hi Judy,

please send the record to and we’ll take care of that for you!


Thanks Hanna!

You can also use the meta tag verification method (less complex) - you just put it in the tracking code section under tools in the CMS.

Thanks Morgan, but REW already helped me with it. :grin:

DOH!! Pesky helpful support folk!

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