Google Tag Manager Instead of the Google Tag (gtag.js) - Conversion Tracking

Is there a way to use the new Google Tag Manager and install it in the Head and Body instead of using the Google Tag (gtag.js)?

I can’t find any documentation on this anywhere.

If not, what do y’all use to configure the conversions on the conversion tracking settings for each type of conversion?

Thanks for your help,


@hatzopoulos you know more about this than I do - but can’t we use Google Tag Manager already today the backend?

How does that work?

Hi Matt,

I call GTM from the Global Tracking Script section, it’s performance is likely not optimised, but it works.

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Thanks for the info. What about the part for the code in the ? Is there a section where we can add code to the body in the backend?


Not sure exactly what you mean, I put both parts of the tag in the Global Tracking Script section, unsure if there’s a more optimised way to do it…