Google Tag Manager Instead of the Google Tag (gtag.js) - Conversion Tracking

Is there a way to use the new Google Tag Manager and install it in the Head and Body instead of using the Google Tag (gtag.js)?

I can’t find any documentation on this anywhere.

If not, what do y’all use to configure the conversions on the conversion tracking settings for each type of conversion?

Thanks for your help,


@hatzopoulos you know more about this than I do - but can’t we use Google Tag Manager already today the backend?

How does that work?

Hi Matt,

I call GTM from the Global Tracking Script section, it’s performance is likely not optimised, but it works.

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Thanks for the info. What about the part for the code in the ? Is there a section where we can add code to the body in the backend?


Not sure exactly what you mean, I put both parts of the tag in the Global Tracking Script section, unsure if there’s a more optimised way to do it…

There are two sections of code that google says needs to be in there.

One in the head, the other in the body. Is there a way to do this in the backend of my site?

Sorry @BRE I just saw your reply. I put both elements of the code in the same section.