Google's E-E-A-T updated guidelines for real estate SEO

Are you following Google’s updated guidelines for E-E-A-T “Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust”?

If you’re not, (or not familiar with this concept) you should read Google’s Updated Rater Guidelines.

Fundamentally what they are saying is that you must demonstrate all components (but above all trust) when creating content you want to get ranked.

You must actually BE an expert (should not be hard in your area)
You need to show you have experience.
Do others thing you are an authority?
What have you done to demonstrate trust?

In addition to looking for those things, raters are also looking for how well a page achieves it’s purpose.

Are you familiar with this concept of E-E-A-T and how to apply it to real estate content?

Let’s discuss!

Img cred: SEJ


If you’re working at an agency, I would say taking it even one step further in your blog and segmenting authors on specific topics.

For example, you have authors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Make sure authors 1 & 2 handle the “education” pieces, 3 & 4 handle the “marketing” pieces, and 5 & 6 handle area-specific pieces.

Even by getting this granular, you’re further establishing your expertise in these specific niches within real estate.

  • I forgot to mention in the above comment, that I’m talking specifically about agencies and businesses developing a blog.