Has anyone used a Heatmap for their real estate website?

Has anyone used a heatmap to track how visitors interact with your website?

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Never heard of that before but following

I have used https://www.crazyegg.com before and it is definitely one of the better applications out there.

There is a poor man’s way to do it too, where you just analyze your click paths in analytics

Thanks! Is this something that we can embed ourselves or should I reach out to Jason?

I’m pretty sure you can do it yourself (try it out, if you can’t then call @JayPhee) :slight_smile:

Hi Kim: It’s a great way to see where users are going on your website, with that info you can fine-tune it. We are going to add it this week to our new site. I will keep you posted if you are interested.

@leo let me know if you get this working, I’d love to check it out. I’m also happy to help if you get stuck trying to get things in place on your site.

@leo yes please. I would like to see how this works

Thanks, Jason, It’s a bit more complicated than I thought. I will reach out today.

Hi @leo, I’ve installed https://www.hotjar.com/ in sites I manage.

Hi @Fyfeski - Thanks for the info, are you finding it a useful tool? Are you on the Renaissance
platform? Thx Leo

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Yes. Very much. Once installed on HomeofVancouverRealEstate.com we were able to figure out flow of traffic better and make some adjustments. @leo