Help! Best photo editing and management tools?

I was just on a call with brokerage client, who is looking to automate their workflow around bulk listing photo curating, re-ordering and resizing )BEFORE uploading to their REW website or MLS) They were currently using a work-flow that doubles their work for their listing coordinator.

Back in the day, Google’s Picasa was awesome for this, but thought I’d bring here to see what other tools might be being used out there. Even Chrome extensions, Mac Apps, or ?? I know Mac has an automator tool too.

Google Photos doesn’t bulk re-size.

Thanks in advance!

Here are a few:



Thank you SO much. I’ll share these with them. I also got a great share by our corporate marketing designer for XnConvert:

personally i use Photoshop but i hear canva is good for me they are all fast have a really high end PC

i would suggest making sure you shoot in 1 size it will make everything fit cleanly