How are you utilizing Sold Data on your site?

I just added Sold Data to my website. I haven’t really considered how to utilize it aside from our plan to create Sold Property Pages for neighborhoods we do business in for the sake of SEO.

Would love to hear how others are utilizing their sold data feed on their sites!

If you don’t but have a creative idea on how to potentially do so, I’d love to hear that as well.

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Hi Robert,
I’ve published sold data on my site for some time now. My buyer clients have told me that they appreciate the data and empowers them to do their own research.

I’ve also had clients say they felt like they could trust me more because I was so open about sold data.

When I have new buyers register for my site I let them know about the feature and they are always impressed.

I hope that helps even if I didn’t directly answer your question. I will be following this thread to hear all the great ideas that come in.


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Thanks Carly! Your input was in fact helpful. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this feature! I didn’t know that we had that capability. Is it easy to set up?

Its a customization - you’d have to contact REW and get an estimate/pricing. Its basically an additional feed.

Hi Jonathan, @JayPhee can talk to you more about the Sold feeds

Thank you! I actually have a meeting set up with Jason so I’ll ask him about it.

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So here’s an example of how I am using Sold Data:

The plan is to create a page like this for every major city in my area and neighborhoods I want to focus on that have a lot of closed sales.

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