How to add a top-level nav item to Renaissance

We often get asked, “How do I add another top-level nav item to my website’s navigation?”. This is an important item as it applies to both site admins and agents with their own subdomains.

Adding a new item is really easy to do:

Start by logging into the backend, click on the primary search button (top right).
In the search menu, type site-navigation and select the matching search result.

On the navigation snippet page, scroll through the snippet markup looking for where you want to add the nav item. Next, simply paste the following code where you want the top level nav item to be displayed.

<a href="/link-url.php">Link Title</a>

Once pasted you will change the link URL and link title.
Select the save button.
Now you have a new top-level item in the site navigation.

Example: If you wanted to add a link in between About and Contact, you would make a blank space between the </li> after About and the <li> before Contact, paste in the code, and edit the link and title.

Here is the video guide on How To Add A Top-Level Nav Item To Renaissance