How to add reviews to agent pages

hi I’m looking for how I can add in reviews to our agent pages is their a way to do this and can you point me to the resources on how to do this I have searched with no luck

Hello Chris1987,

This is a great question!

Included on the REW CRM is a Testimonials feature that will allow you to add in client reviews. The testimonials feature allows you to add client compliments to your site; they’ll be listed on any page where you have placed the corresponding snippet.


Adding a Testimonial

To add a new Testimonial you will need to login to the REW CRM and navigate to the Content section. From here select Tools on the options to the left. Once you are on the Tools page you will need to select Testimonials

Once on the Testimonials page select the Add Button (plus icon) from the top-right of the Testimonial’s page. Or you can select the blue Add New Button in the top lefthand side and choose Testimonial from the dropdown menu.



You will be provided with the following fields. Mandatory fields will be marked with ***** .

Client Name - Here you can enter the name of the person who wrote the testimonial. If a name is not specified, the system will use “Unknown” in its place.

Testimonial* - Here you enter the person’s testimonial. A WYSIWYG editor has been provided with basic functionality so that you may create bold and italic text, create (bullet point) lists of items, as well as insert images, and links.


If your website is The Vision design then you will have an additional option to assign the testimonial to a specific Agent who has a profile on the website. Assigning to an agent will then display the testimonial on the agent’s profile page (each page load will randomize which testimonial appears if they have more than one assigned to them).


Other Options

Besides our built-in feature, you can also integrate third-party options (Real Satisfied, Zillow Reviews, etc) via a snippet. If you obtain a code from a third-party testimonial tool then you can place this into a CMS snippet, which can then be placed onto a content page to display those testimonials.

To create a CMS snippet with this code you will need to login to the REW CRM and navigate to the Content section. From here select Snippets on the options to the left. Once on the Snippets page select the Add Button (plus icon) from the top-right of the Snippets page. Or you can select the blue Add New Button in the top lefthand side and choose Snippet from the dropdown menu.

You can now give the Snippet a name and add the third-party testimonials code to the Snippet Markup.

Once you have provided a name and added the code to the markup you will select Save. Next, navigate to the content page you want this displayed on and then enter the Snippet Name, surrounded by hashtags.

Example: #zillow-reviews#


thank you for this i figured it was a snippet but i was totally unsure where to make it

just checking so obviously i could make a responsive snippet slider and put that under the bio yes?

also do you have any slider html codes that will work with the Rew website this will save me tons of time making this then i can just modify it as i need

Hi Chris,

For the agent profile page itself - ex:

You could put HTML code into the editor on that page to display testimonials that way. The editor will allow JavaScript code, but you might find the editor will try to strip that out on you, but I just tested it and it accepted my script code I put in. So if you’re comfortable with manually adding HTML and JavaScript code that could work to use that Bio field to enter some testimonials. The editor does strip out ‘style’ tags though, so if you need to add styles to the page, you’ll need to add them into the “Global Tracking Script” section on the Conversion Tracking page.

For the actual code, I don’t have anything available that I’ve used before, but a quick Google search for “slider html code for text” seems to lead to some ideas. The sites include JQuery, so you should be able to use any JQuery function as well.

Now, this stuff isn’t for everyone though, it can be challenging to add code manually. Majority of people would be best off having our developers create you something which can be used through our custom work professional services team, so you can go out and Realtor, while we do the website customizations.

Hope that helps! Thanks!

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I ended up putting a button into the editor on the agents page which I am linking to their zillow testimonials. It’s not ideal but the built-in testimonial tool is not functioning adequately. It’s not ideal but I need to make it simple for myself. If we used real satisfied I would link to that…

Here is the example on my dev site:

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pretty much what we have done also not happy with that way but as a developer for many other CMS’s im not getting why a typical standard feature is not incorporated im working on a responsive html if its supported as some of these types of html themes dont work with the rew builder iv tried a few times to build a slider with html in different ways and never seem to work but will work on any of the cms’s that support html and worked with no hitch ahh well what do you do