How to convert images to WebP format

I understand I need to convert my images to WebP format. I searched the forum but didn’t see a post on how. Does anyone know that can help?

If there isn’t a thread (and a high quality one) then we should make one!

Ima ping @elianna or @AmyPye for that. @AidanC you use an online program or something don’t you? I’m not the expert on that.

The short answer is there are several online tools that allow you to do this, or if you have photoshop or other photo editing software it’s pretty easy as well.

I’m not an Andoid guy, but apparently you can convert images to WebP using Android too.

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I have photoshop. I can do this!

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Ooohhh!!! ok well I am determined to learn photoshop too!

So I’m going to ask the Photoshop master (@AmyPye) to do a tutorial post (maybe even a screen share video)

As she puts it - you can do things a lot of different ways in photoshop, some take a lot longer and are less efficient than others,.

Jedi master Amy - hawp pweeze?

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Christina, Sent directly to you earlier. Free tool.
https:// convertio. co / pricing/? utm_source=header_pricing.
NOTE: added spaces so the forum would allow.

Free to convert files up to 500 meg. Over 500 meg to 1 gig, it is $10 per month no annual contract. Doubtful you need to use the paid version.

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Cloud Convert is free and I use it all the time to convert pdf to jpg; jpg to png; and in this case it will do jpg to webp


Great tip! Thanks!

I like by Google. Free, super easy, and I love the side-by-side view. It’s amazing how they reduce file size by 70-80% and still keep image quality. They process on device so they can’t spy on you either.

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Photoshop is easy peasy!

Just go File > Save a Copy > Select Webp

I use Irfanview for basic image editing (super fast for cropping/resizing), and I see it allows you to save as .webp.
I just noticed that the header images in my REW website’s blog won’t allow the .webp extension. I’ll go and ask Support whether this has been updated in the REW framework and I just need a patch/upgrade.

Be careful which online tool you use…

So the top two results for converting PNG to WEBP are cloudconvert and convertio.

I put the same 0.99MB image into both and these were the results:

Cloudconvert. Output size: 78.8kb

Convertio. Output size: 824kb

So Cloudconvert did a lot more compression. That may sound like a good thing if you’re worried about speed, but you may be able to tell in the picture it introduced a bunch of jpg-esque artefacts that muddy the image, particularly around the edge of the roof. (there are some artifacts for Convertio here too, but that’s because it uploaded to the forum in JPG format for some reason)

I tried with another image (a screenshot of text) and in that case, not only was Cloudconvert’s output muddier again, but the file size was bigger too.

This was surprising to me because I remembered using these tools a few weeks ago and finding the exact opposite result!

I think the lesson here is that online tools can be a bit inconsistent. Stick with something reliable like Photoshop :smile:

Ermmm, I see no difference in these two photos… did you upload the same one twice?

Zoomed out you can probably see some tonal difference, like in the darkness of the wall on the right. But to illustrate, here are some details (in jpg form):

Cloud Convert:


These differences aren’t immediately apparent, but I think they contribute to sense of an image being “muddier” and less crisp.

Does anyone using photoshop have questions on loss vs lossless?

Here ya go :slight_smile: