How to enable agent subdomains on Renaissance

Are you wanting to grant an agent their own subdomain?

Enabling a subdomain is easy:

Start by logging in to the backend, click on the ‘Company’ section (top right menu)
Select the appropriate agent

Click “Agent Summary”, choose “Edit Mode” from the drop-down menu.
Scroll to the bottom of this page until you see “Agent Settings”. Select “Yes” for “Agent Website Enabled”.

Enter in the appropriate board that the agent is a member of.
Enter their agent ID.
Enter the “Agent Link”, this will generate the subdomain URL.

Select the save button.
Our IDX department will then review for potential MLS approval processes.

I just checked with @REWKelly-Ann on this, and it is only certain boards that require they approve every sub domain.

So this “may” be a step for you, or might not be required depending on your board :slight_smile:

I’ve slowly added renaissance upgrade to our co. but the agents all have subdomains on the last RTR website… how will I upgrade those (there’s so many) or can we just leave them on the old stylings while moving the co. to the new renaissance style?