How to enable / disable breadcrumbs

Newly introduced to the Renaissance website is the ability to display Breadcrumbs on a page, but you may be wondering “How do I enable or disable breadcrumbs on my pages?”.

This is super easy to do:

Start by logging in to the backend, click on the ‘CMS’ section (top right)
On the left, you’ll see ‘Pages’. Select that to go to a list of your pages.

From the pages list, select the page you want to toggle the breadcrumbs. On that page simply scroll down to where it says “Show Breadcumbs” and then toggle this field to ‘On’ or 'Off".

Select the save button.
Repeat these steps for any other pages that you want to edit this feature.


Travis, can you confirm whether breadcrumbs are on or off by default (or on certain pages are they on or off?)

@Aayaam, for the default install (maybe I don’t need to ask Travis and this should be called "how to enable / disable breadcrumbs lol) I think they should be “on” for all pages and it should be an “off” toggle if they don’t want them since they are valuable for SEO.

@Morgan I can confirm that.

Default pages, as well as any new pages that are created, will default to have breadcrumbs ‘On’.

Travis beat me to it! I can confirm that breadcrumbs by default are set as “on” since they are also recommended for better accessibility.

That’s way easier than before. I was adding a snippet to hide them when not needed or undesired for style reasons.

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@KevinH Kevin, you were on the enterprise priority install list for December, have you been playing around with the backend yet?

Not yet. I will check it out tomorrow.

Sounds good, be sure to check back to these boards if you have any “how do I” questions :slight_smile:

Do keep in mind you are a custom implementation, so some things may be slightly different than the out of the box tutorials, but since I’m you’re account manager, feel free to send a message if you need help and I’ll get you to the right place :slight_smile:

Here is the video guide on How To Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs


I might have missed this in the comments but is there a way to turn off all breadcrumbs site-wide? We have over 300 pages and it would be very tedious to turn each page off.

It’s not a sitewide feature, it’s managed per page (you could have a programmer do I suppose)