How to market to your new website

Have a fresh new REW website? Are you an experienced REW site user? What are some ways you’ve marketed the website as whole to gain brand awareness? Drop us the link and show them off!

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Would love to see some ideas!
I have a brand new site and have made an announcement on our brokerage page, and in our newsletter.

We ran some searches and created google ads with the results.

This weekend I am working on making a FB ad linking to our recruiting page to target local agents I want to attract.

I would love to hear from others that are way smarter and more experienced than myself!


Hi Kristina!

Congratulations on the new site! I am waiting to launch mine soon, so I understand the excitement. I would love to see your website! Can you add the link here?

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Much harder now than it used to be when I launched my first REW site. Zillow, Trulia & have done a great job of building amazing websites for searching property as well as building their brand. It is old school but to stand out from the crowd you have to create some compelling content. This is usually done via your blog.

For immediate traffic hire an expert or become an expert in social media and Google PPC ads.

Looks awesome!