HTTP to HTTPS tips for smooth transition?

Recently went to HTTPS. I’m about 99% sure I did not complete the transition correctly due to my falling / disappearing position within search results.

Is there an REW published “how to” guide available?

Hi Brad, have you made the transition from your LEC 2015 site yet? I am still working on my new one… nervous about losing the organic leads I am generating however!

Yes - I upgraded to the newer site and did the HTTPS at the same time.
The new backend is 100% different as it’s a complete rebuild. Takes some getting used to.

you will probably find their is some other reason for your diminishing results on google search i would suggest connecting google search console this will help you get some insights

Do I need to 301 redirect all my pages from the http to the new https?

Hi Brad,

As part of the REW SSL set up a redirect is enabled from the http version of the site to the new https urls. So we got you covered there.

One thing I can think of is if you have your site submitted to anything like … the site map that’s submitted to google in their search console, will want to make sure that’s updated to the https version.


Hi Aaron, where is the redirect done? I don’t see any 301 redirects on the backend of my current site.

Hi Brad,

It’s done in the server configuration - to get technical - it’s a file called “.htaccess” that we put this rule into:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]


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thanks Aaron!

Any idea why I’d have 192 http urls in my sitemap?

My SEO tool is giving me this warning: 192 HTTP URLs in sitemap.xml for HTTPS site

This is what it notes:::

Your sitemap.xml should include the links that you want search engines to find and index. Using different URL versions in your sitemap could be misleading to search engines and may result in an incomplete crawling of your website.

Replace all HTTP URLs in your sitemap.xml with HTTPS URLs.

Hi Brad,

Yeah, It’s something I’m working with support to get resolved. The sitemap needs an update after the switch. I’ll update when they have the fix live.


Hi Brad,

The fix has been applied. Thanks!

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Thanks Aaron!

Hi Brad have you had any issues with less organic traffic/signups. I am slowly working on SEO for the new site before I do a fresh launch…I am a bit worried as I am currently experiencing excellent organic signups and don’t want to lose the action that my site is getting!