HTTP to HTTPS tips for smooth transition?

Recently went to HTTPS. I’m about 99% sure I did not complete the transition correctly due to my falling / disappearing position within search results.

Is there an REW published “how to” guide available?

Hi Brad, have you made the transition from your LEC 2015 site yet? I am still working on my new one… nervous about losing the organic leads I am generating however!

Yes - I upgraded to the newer site and did the HTTPS at the same time.
The new backend is 100% different as it’s a complete rebuild. Takes some getting used to.

you will probably find their is some other reason for your diminishing results on google search i would suggest connecting google search console this will help you get some insights

Do I need to 301 redirect all my pages from the http to the new https?

Hi Brad,

As part of the REW SSL set up a redirect is enabled from the http version of the site to the new https urls. So we got you covered there.

One thing I can think of is if you have your site submitted to anything like … the site map that’s submitted to google in their search console, will want to make sure that’s updated to the https version.