IDX Snippet Without Pagination

Is it possible to have an IDX snippet show just a specific number of homes, as an example I want to show the latest 10 listings on this post: Top 10 Vancouver MLS Listings That Will Blow Your Mind!, but I don’t want the user to have the option to click through to page 2 of the results:

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Hi Adam,
it’s not possible to show only a specific number of listings, but for this particular post, you could use the MLS Number panel in the IDX snippet and only showcase 10 hand-picked listings. Of course, as they get taken off the market, they will disappear from the page.

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So yes, it s possible :slight_smile:

You just have to remember to adjust it later after they go off market.

But since it’s about 10 specific listings anyways, you would have to do this either way.