Intranet coming soon to Real Estate Webmasters - New! Team, brokerage and enterprise collaboration tool

Ever wish you had a private place to post important company information?

Curate a list of your top vendors and special “office only” offers.

Organize unlisted training videos

Link to private Google Docs or Dropbox?

Yeah, we want that too! For us here at REW AND for you!

And so we built it :slight_smile:

Introducing REW Intranet! (or whatever we decide to call it!)

A simple, easy-to-use yet powerful tool to provide “behind the firewall” access to private company information to all of your staff and agents.

Beta release coming in the next 60 days (do I have that right @Rebecca?)

Create as many custom pages as you like, manage your navigation, embed vids, link to files, WYSIWYG editor. All the things :slight_smile:

I’m telling you, this team is on FIRE :fire: over in R & D!

What should we build next?


This is exciting!!

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awesome… looking forward to it!

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Sounds great! :grinning:

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what a great idea and resource. Love it!

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Will a blog be inside the intranet? Hope that’s the company updated in the screenshot. That’s a key feature for us. We use Sharepoint for our intranet (75 pages and blog posts). But Sharepoint permissions and infrastructure is a BIG headache to manage! I would love to switch if it meets our needs.

Happy to share guest access if anyone at REW is interested in seeing how we use ours.

Super exciting! Don’t want to add pressure to the R&D team but I already have customers asking for more information and wanting to get their hands on it.

@Jgrunnet - keep following the forum posts, as this is where @Morgan will always give a sneak peak of awesome new features coming out :wink: :wink:

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That’s right Morgan! Intranet will be available for users within the next 60 days. We are planning to release this sometime in May.

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Thanks @Rebecca - Lots of interest and excitement on this for sure!