Intranet is great and some feature suggestions

I started moving our intranet from Sharepoint over to the new REW Intranet. I thought I’d share a bit of positive feedback and a few feature suggestions. Overall, I like it! It’s great to have page creation and editing inside the backend protected with our existing agent permissions. The REW WYSIWYG editor is easy with zero learning curve required. This intranet will encourage agents to come to the back office more often and we hope that also inspires them to make more use of the CRM, etc.

For context, we use our intranet for training, relaying news and updates, as well as file sharing of presentations, marketing items, forms, etc. Our Sharepoint is 50+ pages along with dozens of files to share. I’m also taking this opportunity to streamline and reorganize our info.

A few feature suggestions in order:

Add a blog to the intranet. Having a private, intranet blog will be a huge help for communicating internally with our agents and keeping the intranet organized. We currently blog 1-2 times weekly on Sharepoint.

Add page/sub-page nesting to side intranet nav bar. Preferably it can be collapsible nesting to reduce the length of side navigation. For example our listing help/guide has about 5 sub-pages. Our marketing guide is also about 5 sub-pages, etc. This was recently suggested by @Garrett_Moore too.

Add styling for highlights and alerts as found in Renaissance. The highlights and alerts from the Renaissance Style Guide don’t work inside the Intranet. These are valuable elements for training type pages. An example is: div class=“notice notice–warning”>Warning Alert</div. The buttons do work (Yay!).

Add the upcoming FAQ accordion to intranet. A nice way of formatting info on training pages.

Really happy with the Intranet so far!


Thank you so much for your feedback Victor! I’ll take these suggestions and add them to our Product backlog as Intranet improvements. If you have any other feedback please let us know!

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