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My name is Brian Burke, I am a Broker in Denver, Colorado. I have been a REW client for 15 years now. I am always looking for ways to capture and nurture leads. I am looking to trade some ideas and see what others out there are doing to stay ahead of the competition. Please check out my site and let me know if you have any ideas that may help me get some more leads for my agents or if there are any tweeks you suggest. I will return the favor!
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Glad to meet you. We like Denver and the High Country. We believe that the most neglected sphere of influence is the personal sphere. Your agents may need to be made aware they have tools equal to anyone in the business through REW!

We have targeted Denver and the High Country. Glad to discuss a joint venture, merger or acquisition.

We do a lot more than just whatever is the minimum for a MLS. We are confident our listing content, distribution, buyer model and agent/client 24-7 services do not have a peer. Our agents and brokers mine their personal spheres with pride. They know they are with best and have the best including REW.

Unlike most brokerages who talk about paying it forward, we do. 5% of revenues to nonprofits. Up to 100% if the nonprofit is adopted by the agent on the listing or buyer transaction.

Take a deep breath. Build the best. Be the best. Do the right thing. You already have REW. Fill in the gaps.


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